Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Thoughts On Alan Jackson & The Houston Rodeo

Paula and Larry took me and one of my kids to see Alan Jackson at the Houston Rodeo on March 8 and I’ve been hesitant to write about it until I had time to chew on it. You see my daughter that went with me works with hospice patients and she’s unfortunately used to seeing terminally ill folks and she said he looked sick to her. I know he looked bloated or something over last year. Yeah, I guess “bloated” is as good a description as any because he certainly wasn’t fat. I know fat and he didn’t have that. He looked steroid fat if that makes sense.

Add that to some of the things he said that sure sounded like “goodbye” and it was disturbing. He’s only 48 and he did look a lot older this year than the last two, but it wasn’t just old, it was something else. So I’m going to say some prayers for him just in case and hope that he’s fine and dandy and was just having an off night.


On a little bit higher note, I’ve just got to say how slick the whole rodeo experience is. This year we’ve just been breezing out to the bus, hopping on without any undue wait and POW we’re back at Larry’s car in no time flat. Every facet from the bus ride to the ticket takers to the various law enforcement agencies keeping everything under control is awe inspiring. The ONLY thing that I just HATE is the vendors. I hate them at the baseball game too, but they should NOT be allowed to peddle their ugly pink hats (among other items) DURING the star attraction’s performance. For God’s sake they bring in great talent and folks pay money to go and see them and then you have some idiot blocking the view with his/her cheap-ass crap. If one can’t buy beer after a certain time, then the peddlers ought to be cut off just before the star comes out. This is not about infringing on someone’s right to make a living, this is about infringing on our right to see and hear what we came for.


Lainey said...

I saw Alan last year...he looked and sounded great. Hope he's OK!

I sure wanted to see Reba...had free tickets...but was on my sick bed.

Soooo, maybe next year!

TxGoodie said...

No one would be happier than me and my "kid" if we're wrong about this!

I've never seen Reba, but I'm ending my rodeo experience with Brooks and Dunn and really looking forward to seeing them for my 1st time ever.