Thursday, March 22, 2007

George Strait's Texas Cookin'

I bought George Strait's newest CD It Just Comes Natural and one of the songs on it is Texas Cookin' written by Guy Clark. Here's the lyrics...

Texas Cookin'

I'm going down to Austin, Texas
Ease on down to San Antone
Get that bar-b-que and chili
Eat my fill then come back home
I'm gonna take my baby with me
We gonna have a high ol' time
We gonna eat till we get silly
Sho' do make a beer taste fine

Chorus: Oh my, momma ain't that Texas cookin' something
Oh my, momma stop you' belly and backbone bumpin'
Oh my, momma ain't that Texas cookin' good
Oh my, momma eat it everyday if I could

Well, I know a man that cooks armadillo
Tastes so sweet he calls it pie
I know a woman that makes pan dulce
Tastes so good it gets you high

Get that enchiladas greasy
Get them steaks chicken fried
Sho' do make a man feel happy
See white gravy on the side

Repeat Chorus

Well I know a place that's got fried okra
Beat anything I ever saw
I know a man that cooks cabrito
It must be against the law

We gonna get a big ol' sausage
Big ol' plate of ranch-style beans
I could eat the heart of Texas
We gonna need some brand new jeans

Repeat Chorus

Makes me hungry just typin' it! I make a mean chicken fried steak and cream gravy, but I haven't in a long time. Now I'd go to Hickory Hollow if I wanted some good chicken fried steak.
For the best sausage in Texas, just click on Prasek's Hillje Smokehouse! There is a lOT of great food in Texas! Eat your heart out California....

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