Saturday, March 24, 2007

UPDATE - HCSO: Damned if they Do, Damned if they Don't

Harris County Sheriff Tommy Thomas announced that there will be no search for the body of Tynesha Stewart Saturday night. "There are no remaining body parts," Thomas said at a news conference. "We have determined through this investigation that the defendant dismembered the victim and burned her body parts. There is no body to be found."


The family and friends pitched such a fit over the Harris County Sheriff's Department saying they wouldn't try and find the remains of the missing slain A&M student that the resulting media hype and hysteria has forced them to reconsider that option. Add to that reversal the fact that they say they now believe she might of been cut into chunks and crammed into assorted garbage bags before being dumped in the dumpster. Poor woman. But thank goodness the X-man and other assorted hate mongers are on the job shoving blame onto the HCSO instead of at the hands of the former boyfriend of the victim. God forbid he be held accountable for any of his actions.

His family went so far as to send word to HER family that they were praying for them. That's nice. And now I expect HER family to say he couldn't help it because he loved her so much he couldn't bear being apart. So instead he decided to part HER.

You want to know the sad part in all this? $500,000. That's the amount that's being earmarked for her recovery. That's assuming she can be recovered. Seems to me that the TONS of garbage that could potentially be covering her up is just the tip of the trash pile. After going through the compacting of the trash truck they aren't likely to find anything! But God knows a half a mil is chump change when it comes to pacifying those addicted to press coverage.

As a card carrying supporter of the HCSO I ought to be ashamed of myself for even writing this, but I'm not. 'Cause I'm also a taxpaying Harris County resident and I think that money could be put to better use. I'm a mom too and I do feel for the families, but shit happens. People kill people all the time. It's his fault, make him pay for the recovery! Oh, no, wait a minute, he's on suicide watch. Chickenpoop.

Well, I feel for my "boys".....yet again they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. I think the ideal solution would be to put the X-man and his buds on the end of the hoes and shovels at the dump and let them REALLY do something newsworthy. Oh, wait, no that would be WORK....manual labor.....that's not going to happen, is it?

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