Sunday, March 25, 2007


It's no secret that I think Attila The Mom over at Cheaper Than Therapy is a word genius. She puts words together in such a way that I'm just blown away...she makes me laugh out loud, she makes me cut and paste and send "her stuff" to my kids and close friends so they too can chortle out loud! Her point of view makes me think too. And my kids and close friends will tell you that getting me to think is a major accomplishment. I act, I react, I brood, I worry, I cuss, I go off on tangents, but they don't usually see me think. But, hey, sorry, this is NOT about me - although pretty much everything IN this blog is - it's about talent and The Mom has got it by the double handfuls!

Check out Titillating News for just a tiny taste (all sorts of puns there, trust me on this one!).


Attila The Mom said...

Good Lord. My head is so big that I don't think I'll be able to get it out of the door!

Thanks you so much for your kind comments. You're the best!


TxGoodie said...

NO, YOU'RE the BEST! (And they go back and forth for awhile, each saying the other is the sweller of the two...)

I don't think you realize that you are just giving it away when you could be publishing it and just raking in the dough! You are THAT good IMHO and I think my opinion is "spot on" on this one! Thank you for make life a bit brighter for all your fans!

Attila The Mom said...

You really know how to make a gal feel special. :-)