Monday, November 28, 2005

About That Cryin' Mary Statue...

I was raised Catholic so I know better than to joke about stuff like this.

A statue of the Virgin Mary appears to weep bloody tears outside a Catholic Church in Sacramento, California, and who knows, maybe it's on the level. Maybe it's cleverly designed to wash away the very devil. Maybe it's an even more clever way to garner attention which equates into dollars. I'm not about to say which. Like the man said, I hope the CC investigates it throughly (you know, like letting O.J. pick his own judge, jury and prosecutors) and then we'll know the truth (kind of like the real killer, only not).

But here's what brought me to my keyboard .... how come the statues always cry whether it be tears or blood or Coca Cola or chocolate milk? Why don't they laugh out loud? Or move? Or talk? Or levitate? It'd be more effective if it just sat down and said what's on its mind. Then Barbara Walters or one of those TeeVee ladies could interview it and depending on what was said, the whole world could stop screwing around and get down to God's business. It'd be clear, concise and not shielded by robes and vespers. There'd be none of this interpreting it to fit whatever agenda one has. And one of the sponsors could even be Kleenex....

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What Is This BBS Of Which You Speak?

I got some mail the other day that blew me away. I was asked if I was the same person who used to run the BIO BBS years ago. I told him "guilty as charged"! Only I'd called it BIO Feedback BBS and I was at the helm for 10 long years. I also called myself "Momma Bear"..... because my late husband called me "Teddy Bear" and I wanted to make it absolutely clear to my "users" that I was a mom and a married lady and not some pimply, horny 13-year-old boy posing as a hot babe. You laugh, but lots of kids did that very same thing back then! You got better "access" if you were female (even old like me!) because there just weren't that many gals online. I had a ball too. I ate all that attention up with a spoon and asked for more. I "met" a lot of great guys and some of them I'm still in touch with. Heck, one of them, ("Osprey"), even became my son-in-law!

Friday, November 25, 2005

I Support Our President

I support the President and respect him too. He didn't make the mess in the Middle East, but he's responsible enough to know we can't just pick up all our mables and come back home and be looked upon as anything more that quitters and weak. No one likes it that American and other allies are being killed, but to leave before the job is finished is to say all those deaths didn't matter.

Thank you, Mr. President for doing the most difficult job in the entire world. Thank you to every man and woman in uniform serving our country with pride and dignity. There are millions of us that applaud your efforts and pray for your safe return and for the end to the hostilities. However I believe that withdrawing is not the same thing as winning and we can't ever afford to let a bully have his way. God bless the USA.

BOLO My Bears, Dammit!

A year ago this adorable Christmas decoration, a gift from a son-in-law and daughter, was happily ensconced in my front yard to greet the holiday travelers passing my humble abode. It was meant to cheer up everyone who saw it, including me. It cheered me up just to see it and it reminded me of all that's good about Christmas time. It helped to alleviate some not so happy memories about Christmas time too.

Three days afterward it was GONE. Stolen. Relocated to that cheap flea market in the sky. Ripped off. Confiscated. Appropriated. MIA. Lost for all time. I called the cops, they looked serious, but thought it was funny. I wanted a BOLO, I offered a reward, I cried. I got a replacement that's okay, but it wasn't THAT one and it had to go in the backyard where only family and guests could see it and my big dog would sink his fangs into anyone that dared to mess with it. But still I grieve. So I thought, in an attempt to salve my feelings, I'd rant about it here in the one place I can freely rant without being tagged a whiny ass crybaby ingrate. (In theory).

So I'm back to offering that reward for information leading to the return, in good blow-up-able shape with no questions asked. The reward is a 9 x 13 inch pan of my delicious chocolate fudge with or without nuts, your choice. You'll also be the object of my undying gratitude and semi-devotion for all times or until I croak, whichever comes first. Study the picture well, then BE ON the LOOK OUT for. God speed!

Monday, November 21, 2005

But What About The Doctor?

I sent e-mail to the reporter covering the story on the JP that tried to re-up her dead moms handicap placard and she never responded.

This is what I asked her:
Has anyone checked into the doctor who had to sign off on the form for Ms. Bell to renew the handicap parking privileges? You can't just waltz down and get a placard/plates without a doctor swearing to your handicap status. Surely the mom's doctor would know she was deceased! I know how thorough Ms. Goode is so I'm assuming that was checked into and it just wasn't considered relevant....but I'm curious nonetheless......

I've got a handicap placard and before I got it and the one time I renewed it I had to take a form to my doctor and get him to fill it out confirming my need for the placard. I do know how thorough Ms. Donna Goode is too because I've been priviledged to sit on a couple of Grand Juries and see her work for myself. She's one of the brightest stars in Harris County's justice system. And I'll bet she wanted to see a stiffer punishment for Ms. Bell. I bet I did too.

My Pie Hole Has A Cavity!

I made my semi-annual trip to the dentist to have the barnacles scraped off my teeth today. He found a tiny cavity BETWEEN two teeth AGAIN. Bummer. I hadn't had one in awhile and thought maybe I was "over" them. He'll patch this one up, but next time it'll mean yet another crown because it's been patched before on the other side. I've got so many crowns now I feel like the Queen of England!

Most folks hate going to the dentist and my name is at the top of that list. I had some inept ones work on me when I was growing up and they pretty much scarred me for life. Plus my teeth are not the best to begin with and I smoked for most of my life. I'm nicotine free for 13 years now and I only want one every 6 months or so. You don't get over the craving completely (don't listen to anyone that tells you differently), but you'd be as nuts to return to smoking as you ever were to have begun in the first place.

I'm lucky to have found the best dentist in Houston. Well, there are two of them actually, but mine is such a sweetheart and he babies me. He's also extremely skillful and has given me several root canals, in addition to the fillings and crowns. Only once did he have to send me to a specialist. I probably shouldn't brag about this because I'm going to give out his name, but he still cleans my teeth! He knows how chicken I am and I think I might have even "threatened" to stop going in altogether if he sent me to the hygienist. There are a handful of us that he humors and I don't know about the others, but I'm so grateful that I'm in the "in" group! He's just the best. I trust him completely and he is as gentle with me as can be under the circumstances. His name is Dr. John L. Walker and he's in the Memorial Professional Building with Dr. Frels....their number is 713-465-6786.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Love Behind Bars (Gag me)

I enjoyed watching some of the True Hollywood Story on "E" tv, but currently I've TiVoed one called Love Behind Bars and I'm having a difficult time watching the whole thing. I watch and then I stop it in disgust and then later, due to boredom, I go back and watch some more. Some of the shows I've seen have been interesting....sort of like Biography on steroids....because they last 2 hours instead of just one hour. But I digress...

Those that know me know I take a dim view on feeling sorry for criminals that got what they deserved whether it be jail or tomb. A show like Love Behind Bars excentuates how people that murder can continue with their lives and those that they killed can't. There will never be a website entitled love on the other side. It seems that the more "famous" the crook the more mail they generate. That's just wrong. It's rewarding them for their infamy. I'd prefer to think of them all rotting in their cells and training roaches and bettles for entertainment.

Google ME!

Just how the heck many Google sites are there anyway? Let me count the strays….

Dwight Silverman just pointed out the newest one, Google Base. “Google Base is a place where you can add all types of information that we'll host and make searchable online.”

Then there’s regular vanilla Google. Which to me is like always having white bread in the pantry.

Next up is Froggle and Google Local. (Are we sensing a theme here?) I wonder what they’d call an adult only search engine. Nope, I’m not touching that one with a ten foot you-know-what! I’m a good girl, I am.

Moving onward to my personal favorites…. Images….and Groups. Closely followed by News, which I have to say I’ve never been to until just now to snare their link. I get most all of my news from my Earthlink home page and the Houston Chronicle online.

Then there’s Webs, which I’m not at all sure what that searches. Can you say ‘redundant’? I knew you could.

OHMYGOD! I just clicked on MORE! Google has more links than you can shake a stick at! Truly you could find your own ass in the dark with a handy Google link! I’m not even going to attempt to list them all! I’m old and not might have that much time left!! Although I did always think they would find me slumped over either my computer (the Commodore 64 – you know – waiting for it to load a program!) or the washing machine.

Well, suffice to say, my brain has been BOGGLED at the expansive Google empire! I’m not entirely kidding about the adult only aspects either…..

Dogs & Hearts - My Own Story

According to an article in the Chronicle today, a study confirmed that bringing dogs into hospitals is beneficial to patients, especially heart patients. I think ANY dog lover could of TOLD them that, but this way they did some scientific calculations and saw it for themselves.

Nine years ago I was in the hospital after having a heart attack and my doctor allowed my grown children to bring Cody to see me and it was wonderful for both of us. He couldn't come into the hospital, but the doc let me go just outside the doors, in a wheelchair, and love on him to my heart's content. It was good for him too because he's such a 'momma's boy' and I'm sure he was confused about why so much upheaval was going on in his den.

BTW that doctor with a heart is my cardiologist, Dr. Thomas DeBauche, M.D., and he's just the best, most caring, smartest doctor in town and I'm convinced he saved my life. He's one of those that won't take "NO" for an answer, but he does it without causing a fuss...he just smiles and next thing you know you're in the cath lab. When it's your turn in his office, he comes out personally and takes you by the hand and leads you back and then gives you 110% of his attention. He has a sense of humor and when you hear him laugh, THAT'S good for your heart too. All of his patients just adore him! You can see for yourself how great he is, just call 281-890-8588 and tell him "Edie" says "hey".

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Ambulance Chaser & The Speed Freak

I see in the Chronicle where a speed freak who was running a returns scam in Walmart was ACCIDENTALLY killed by a loss prevention officer and other employees. The medical examiner ruled the death a homicide...which only means it wasn't natural causes or suicide. The attorney hired to milk the cash cow over the alledged wrongful death will sing and dance about what a swell fellow he was with no mention of his meth habit or the fact that he was a common thief and brought the whole deal down on his own head. What's worse, Walmart will probably pay to settle the suit and that only feeds the greed. Whatever happened to crime not paying? So the bottom line is he was killed over $94....well, boo me a whoo...if he hadn't of been trying to cheat he could of just walked out the door and gone on with his life. What a loser.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My Olympus Christmas

I just gave myself my Christmas present early…’s an Olympus Evolt E-500 digital DSL camera and it’s a pip! It’s got way more megapixels (8!) than I’ll ever need and the capacity to allow me to expand creatively as my technique skills increase. The auto actually is auto and the auto focus is astounding…I honestly don’t think I could do it any better manually. I’ll need to learn the nuance of how to focus on tricky stuff….like a bug inside a window screen when I want the bug as the focus and not the individual wires, but that will come in time. At least NOW I don’t feel so frustrated trying to become a pro overnight like I had to when I had a Cannon Rebel last year. That sucker was so complicated that I ended up selling it off the first chance I got to recoup my dough.

I bought the camera with the two lens kit at Digitally Unique for only $831.00 drive-out …taxes and shipping included. I say “only” because the manufacturer suggested is $899.99.

The folks on the forums say that Olympus cameras are the best kept secrets in the photography world and I have to agree with that. This is the 4th one I’ve owned and they just get better and better for my needs. I read all I could find about this camera on Digital Photography Review and it sounded too good to be true, but after having it for only a few days I was sold. Here's another site of interest to see examples of this and other great cameras.

This was taken in my very own backyard using the camera's macro mode.

Oh, and one other thing that I think is vital - this camera, complete with the long lens and batteries and strap weighs practically nothing! It's not going to be a chore to lug it along wherever I go. True, it won't fit in my purse, but it would if I got a bigger one!

Now all I have to do is convince my family to let me photograph them. They get all weirded out if every hair isn't in place and they don't look Sunday-meetin' prime, but I know from the pictures I have of my daddy and my husband (both of whom are gone now...daddy 33 years TODAY and John 9 years in Dec.), you treasure any image that was captured in time. You'll never be the same as you are right this minute and the people that love you want to have mementoes to treasure when you can't pose any longer. So, come on, be a sport and say "CHEESE", please!

Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm So Now!

Cool article in this morning's Chronicle about us old fart bloggers! Check it out.

If you don't have the time to check it out, here's the part I liked:

Three percent of online U.S. seniors have created a blog and 17 percent have read someone else's blog, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Compare that with online 18- to 29-year-olds: Thirteen percent have created blogs and 32 percent have read someone else's blog, according to Pew.

Imagine that....3%...I've never been up-to-date or in-style in my whole life! Usually by the time I get on board it's passe! Like the man said though, it's cool to be able to say whatever you like and get it off your chest if it's on your mind!

Thanks .... I appreciate the space, dudes!