Monday, March 05, 2007

The New And Improved TexasGoodies!

Well, okay, maybe not new, but hopefully improved! I like the new template and I think it's easier on the eyes to read.

I've almost got 300 blathering posts in the past couple of years via the blogasphere so I'm thinking this isn't just a whim, it's here to stay! It's permanent, or as permanent as anything in life can be, so why not spiff it up? Spiffy is good for the's like moving furniture around....sometimes a gals got to do what a gals got to do! You get tired of looking at the same old, same old (hmmm which is probably why people can't stay married any more!).....but, as usual, I digress....

Enjoy TexasGoodies sans dots!

And thanks again to Blogger for the free space and almost 100% up-time all the time! The new Blogger is vastly improved and changing templates was slicker than owl poop! It just doesn't get any better than slick owl me on that one!

1 comment:

Lainey said...

Love the new look!