Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who Should You Vote For Prez?

Well below are MY scores. Thank the deities I didn't agree with the Dems enough to have one of them named!

Check it out, it's fun if nothing else. 'Course like most polls, the way the answers are written makes it bogus from the get-go...

***Who You Should Vote For***

John McCain: 67%
Ron Paul: 53%
Mike Huckabee: 47%
Mitt Romney: 40%
Hillary Clinton: 33%
Barack Obama: 27%

Who you agree with on the war in Iraq: Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Mitt Romney

Who you agree with on the economy: Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Ron Paul

Who you agree with on health care: Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

Who you agree with on taxes: Mike Huckabee

Who you agree with on abortion: Ron Paul

Who you agree with on gay rights: Ron Paul and John McCain

Who Should You Vote For?


ADDITIONAL: Found on the PC Magazine website....yet another way to find out which candidate(s) shares your viewpoints. Check it out too!
THIS time I'm more in line with Mitt. Which is odd because he'll be out in no time flat...certainly sooner than he'd like to be!

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Voting For Kelly Siegler for HC DA

I've met her and she's pretty cool. For starters she's a Texan. She doesn't like the label "tough", but she is that and then some. She is no politician....all you need to do is read her stuff about the Lakewood O-of-G's screwballs and nuts to know that's true. I think what she is, is a skilled legal bulldog and that's what I want in that office.

She's also no defense attorney! Although he's my 2nd choice for the job.

She's no judge with zero prosecutorial experience and a personality that would take paint off the walls.

She's no HPD employees with a history of wife swapping to his credit. (I don't have any first hand knowledge on that score, but trust my credible sources on the legitimacy of the statement).

Thank God she's no Democrat even though the Reps are trying their darnest to give away all the public office from the White House to the jail house!

From her website, here's her list of accomplishments:

Kelly Siegler, upon graduating from South Texas College of Law, immediately went to work for Harris County as an Assistant District Attorney in 1987. As with all new prosecutors, she began her career in the misdemeanor division, where for a time she struggled, losing a record 10 cases in a row. It was this experience that taught her the lesson that she believes to be the key to her success, that a prosecutor can never quit. However, Kelly Siegler's initial struggles did not last. Over her 21 year career, she has risen through the ranks to become the Chief of the Special Crimes Bureau, which includes supervising the Major Offender Division, Major Fraud Division, Identity Theft Division, and Consumer Fraud Division.

In her time as an Assistant District Attorney, she has prosecuted some of the most high profile cases in the county. Here are just a few of the many that Kelly Siegler has been able to bring to justice.

The State of Texas vs. David Temple- 2007
The State of Texas vs. James Tucker- 2004
The State of Texas vs. Susan Wright- 2004
The State of Texas vs. Dror Goldberg- 2000

If there ever make a movie of her life she'll be played by Holly Hunter.

She's at the top at the DA's office and married to a doctor. She could leave for private practice and make bank. That's what Jim Lietner did when he needed some extra scratch. So it stands to reason that she dukes it out for the County because she loves what she does and where she's doing it. That's good enough for me. I don't want a learning curve. I want someone who'll just move her framed picture of her family and a toothbrush down the hall to the big office and still keep Harris County's record for being the last place in the USA you want to be when you commit a capital crime.

There a link for donations on Kelly's website too and I've dropped some dough into her kitty. OH and the last reason I like her is because my oldest brother doesn't. Good e'nuff reason in my book!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Making Things More Difficult - Not Necessary

I come from a long line of people that make things more difficult than they have to be. I also have produced a line that seems to do the same thing. Case in point: my oldest daughter had trouble with math in school because she didn't think it could be THAT easy so she looked for the deeper meaning. My youngest tends to 2nd guess herself (according to someone who can view these things more objectively than me)...again she makes things more difficult and also doesn't think her judgement of what's what is sufficient. Which brings me to my new camera....

Huh? You say 'how can that bring you to anything'? Well because it's MY blog and I can progress it anyway I like. So there.

I wrote a post awhile back entitled My Next Camera about the Olympus SP-550 UZ because I really like Olympus and truly thought that would be my next camera. It wasn't. For Christmas I bought myself a Nikon D300. The reviews on the new camera are outstanding. It was far more camera than I'll ever need and I'm almost embarrassed to write this review of my own, but I must. Add to that the fact that the camera and the lens I bought costs more than the first new car my husband and me owned and the embarrassment only intensifies!

You see the D300 is overkill for me. I'm a point-and-shoot gal. I like Olympus scenes. I need a LOT of hand holding when it comes to exposure settings so I just cop out and use the "P" mode more often than not. Sure, I get some lousy shots when conditions aren't "right", but THAT'S what I need to learn to do.....just compensate for the extreme and let the ordinary alone.

I'm really trying to learn about aperture and shutter speeds and exposure and all the rest of that stuff. I read a lot at and that makes for problems for me too. You see those guys know this shit! And I've bought books and those people know this shit too. So I was making it all harder than it needed to be without even realizing it. I'm never going to be a pro photographer, but I just thought if I was going to have such a swell instrument I should learn how to use it in the manual mode.

Today it dawned on me that it's my frigging camera and I can shoot anyway I like. I'm my most demanding critic when it comes to something I made and I'm the only one I have to please. The D300's program mode is fan-tab-u-lous! It is by far the best camera I've ever owned. I have NO excuse for not taking and making great photos!

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then so is photography. If I think something is good then so be it. The key, for me, is to make LOTS of photos under all sorts of lighting conditions and see what turns out. I got so bogged down in the "doing it right" or "like the pros" that I made myself very discouraged. Not good. I've put tons of photos up on my Picasa Web Albums including the new D300 shots. Some of them are just awful, but I'm deeply into the learning part so keep your raspberries to yourself, please.

It's a wonderful camera. I'm really glad I bought it for me. I just wish my kids would let me take more photos of them to help me learn. Sigh.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Grand Jury's Oath

When taking the oath the grand juror is a "public servant" as that term is defined in the Texas Penal Code. By this oath, they have sworn to uphold the law, to perform their function according to law, and to keep secret those matters presented to them.

The oath of office required by statute of grand jury followers:

"You solemnly swear that you will diligently inquire into, and true presentment make, of all such matters and things as shall be given you in charge; the State's counsel, your fellow's and your own, you shall keep secret, unless required to disclose the same in the course of a judicial preceding in which the truth or falsity of evidence given in the grand jury room, in a criminal case, shall be under investigation. You shall present [indict] no person from envy, hatred or malice; neither shall you leave any person unpresented for love, fear, favor, affection or hope of reward; but you shall present things truly as they come to your knowledge, according to the best of your understanding, so help you God."

Rules for Reporting to the Community:

"During the term there may be occasions when the grand jury wishes to tell the public about certain objectives or about a particular investigation. The foreperson should be the sole spokesman for the jury when information is released to the news media representatives. Caution and courtesy should be exercised by grand jurors when talking to news media representatives. A news reporter's most vigorous pursuit of freedom of the press does not relieve grand jurors of their legal responsibility to keep grand jury proceedings secret".

I think it's clear that the foreman and assistant foreman better receive some kind of formal sanctions for their speaking on camera and to the press during their term on the grand jury. If they had a problem with the DA they have the power to send for the Texas State attorney and to ask his advice upon any matter of law or upon any question arising respecting the proper discharge of their duties. They could of blabbed like babies in the jury room to the proper people, but they should never have taken their case to the press. I hope they both get a fine and/or jailed or both.

Oh and one other point: "In Harris County, nearly all cases are screened by The Office of the District Attorney prior to the filing of charges. This helps ensure that the evidence will legally show that a criminal law has been violated, that there is probable cause to believe the accused is guilty of that violation, and that there is sufficient evidence to obtain a conviction". One would wonder how on earth the DA would say there wasn't enough evidence in the charges against Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife. I myself wondered that until I dug out one of my Grand Jury Manuals. Then I read "A felony case may also be initiated by the filing of a sworn complaint by a citizen or a peace officer before a magistrate, such as a justice of the peace". If that was the case in this case, then the grand jury would receive the case without it going through the rigorous screening of the central intake division.

As usual with trying to reach an intelligent conclusion on anything being tried in the press, it's almost as much fun as pissing in the one really know what the grand jury saw/read/heard, but this is definitely unheard of conduct from a grand jury and one that I'm watching with great interest.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Don't The Elephants Want To Win Again?

This is mostly about local politics. I think I've mentioned before that I HATE politics. I hate liars. I hate holier-than-thous. I hate 2nd guessing even though I do it quite a bit. If there is one thing that has been shown to me to be true for many, many years it's what goes around comes around. It's karma, baby. It's the Golden Rule. Judge not blah, blah, blah or you'll wake up in the hot seat too.

Harris County DA Chuck Rosenthal has made some serious errors in judgement granted, but would someone please tell the Republican hierarchy in Harris County (much less Texas and Washington) that they are singlehandedly giving it all away to the Dems. The Chronicle is doing what the Chronicle does best....stirring up hatred and dissension. They are loving it that Chuck is stuck. They are beating the dead email horse for all its worth.

For the record, I don't care what Chuck does/did in his personal life. I don't care what he did/does on his work computer. I only care about the catching, cleaning and filleting of criminals in Harris County and I'd say Mr. Rosenthal has done a fairly good job being the head chef.

I think that Kelly Siegler is a fine DA. She is tough and I want tough in the DA's office. She is spot-on about Lakewood Church members too, but it's not just Lakewood Church IMHO, it's any church member that is zealous to the point of extreme. I believe in the complete separation of the church and state. I believe that any person of any faith that inflicts their own moral code in their decision making is just as bias and prejudiced as any sheet wearer and that both are tainted from the get go and I wouldn't want them on any jury I was a part of. I come from a long line of religious wack jobs and I know from what I speak.

By the same token, no one can sit in a jury box without bringing in some of their beliefs and observations and biases and such. The key is you TRY and keep an open mind and you definitely view the accused as innocent until proven otherwise and deserving of a jury of their peers.

But back to why I decide to rant....

I'm not understanding why Harris County Judge Ed Emmet or Charles Bacarisse are setting themselves up as holier-than-thou. Don't they see that they are just compounding the black eye that the elephant is wearing right now? Do they honestly think that by standing back and pointing the finger in outrage they are making themselves look better? From the White House to the jail house it looks to me as if the Republican party is staying "here, take it, you deal with it for the next four to eight years".

God help us. And God damn politics too.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Better Late Than Never....

I can remember a time in my reproductive years when it was Better Never Than Late.... but I digress as usual...

As my bud would say, how's it hanging? I've been so busy chasing my own tail I haven't had the energy to blog. Woefully behind on both my readin' and my writin'! So sorry.

I love Bloglines because, up to a point, it'll keep "stuff" for me until the cows come home or 200 messages which ever comes first. I had a butt-load of "stuff" from Claus over at Grand Stream Dreams to catch up with and damn if I didn't see my name way back in July! This is a direct quote:

Passing the Torch
So here's passing on this "Eight Random Things" meme like a good sport to four more folks I respect and whose viewpoints I find fascinating and rewarding to follow.

Edie Goodwin - Texas Goodies Blog and frequent TechBlog wanderer.

(deleted other folks so blessed)


Posted by Claus at Friday, July 13, 2007

All is in regard to his mememe and since the torch was passed to me and it nearly went out due to my inattention, I'll get right on it....

Eight "Random" Things 'bout me

1. My favorite time of the year is right now. AFTER Christmas. The best part of Christmas is when it's over. I make no apology for feeling that way.

2. I just found out that I'm getting a new son! For Christmas my youngest and her long-time one-and-only got engaged! I'm not losing a daughter, I'm gaining an electrician! Yea!

3. I also heard about someone I went to high school with that's dying of that flesh eating disease. I don't even remember him that well...I looked him up in the ancient yearbook and his picture reminded me that I thought he was cute back then, but to be honest, I thought almost all the guys that walked erect were cute. It bummed me out to hear such sad news.

4. I got to thinking about Roger Clemens and his denial of drug use to enhance his performance, etc., and the way I see it he could of taken a bucket full of drugs every day and if he wasn't as good as he is would it of made any difference? He's got/had talent. I choose to respect him for his records no matter how he earned them. I do think that NOW he needs to take some appetite suppressors though. As for as his going back to New York and the whole Yankee thing, he's a whore and New York City certainly has better corners to stand on than Main Street in Houston, Texas a little leg, Rog...

5. I went overboard this Christmas giving myself gifts.

6. I can't stand reality TV. The only reality TV I tolerate is Cops and the poker shows. My bud insists that all of those are fixed or at the very least manipulated, but I don't care I know what I like. I do tend to get too tense to watch the Most Shocking shows and flat out hate the shows where people get hurt or at least LOOK like they get hurt doing dumb things. I just get too uncomfortable watching so I don't.

7. I'm trying to add my own narration to a compilation of our old home movies that my brother put on DVD and it's not as easy as it sounds like it'd be. I'm going to keep trying to get it right...I gave up on 'perfect' and will settle for 'okay'. I'm stubborn about stuff like that, but realize that life is too short to worry about it being perfect.

8. I get all embarrassed when someone says they read something on my blog. I know that doesn't make sense. Why write one and make it available if you don't expect folks to read what you wrote? I certainly push the http link off at every opportunity. I think it's the same way as when someone stares at you and you get all squirmy. I like attention, but it's better if I don't realize I'm getting any.

I'm not going to pass the meme on...if you want to do one, cool, let me know where and I'll check it out. Also check out Claus's website if you haven't already because he is soooo smart and writes the best lists of anyone online. I've got 20 "keep news" just from this last crop of goodies. The worst thing I can say about his blog is that I get fired up to try some of the programs and end up going overboard and then having to call my Guru to fix my computer.

I hope your holidays left you with that warm glow of completion and that 2008 ends up being just great for you and yours.