Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Sox Swept & Our Fans Wept

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. The Astros were supposed to win something in the World Series, but in the end they didn't win even one in a row. They didn't exactly lose either. I kept wondering where are my Astros and who is this team wearing the open star? This team got no breaks. Well, okay, the homerun that wasn't, but that didn't change the outcome of that game. I don't want to open a vein though....not like playoff losses of past glory years....the guys made history on several fronts and if they can all come back, they can and will do better next time.

Some of the guys, mostly, that post to the blogs feel the Astros made them look bad. Like now they can't hold their heads up at the sports bars. Like all you have to do is flip a switch and you can bat anything any pitcher thows at you. Like if they were the manager then it'd be a shoo-in and Mr. Garner can't manage his way out of a bag of popcorn. They don't seem to realize that in the entire 45 years history of this club no manger has taken us this far. HE can't flip that batting switch either. God knows if throwing a chair could of made them win we'd of at least taken a few of the games. It's just wasn't to bee. The Sox swatted the bees. The Sox swept the Astros up like they were leftover crumbs on the field of dreams.

There's a lot to be up about though and more of it will surface as the cold months fly by and our hearts mend and dreams of Spring and the training that will ensue. The best part is we got beat by someone new! Like my bro said "the Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Braves, Cubs, Giants, all had to watch it on TV" .... we didn't get beat by any of them! We ended up being the best the National League had to offer and that means we were on the top of the pile if only for a little while. And like Arnold said "WE'LL BE BACK".

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Wheels Came Off

The wheels came off the bus we call Astros and I don't understand why. What is the intangible something we lacked? Or, like the song said, what did we have a great big lack of? We left 15 on base...that means we had to be doing SOMETHING right to get them on base. Again we only lost by 2 runs...that's easily not the worst score possible. Our pitching didn't suck that much. True our manager went nuts and showed some emotion and not in a positive way, but I'll go to my grave saying he got us this other manager in the history of the team got us to the Series. It couldn't of been because we didn't deserve it, so I guess it was simply because we didn't earn it.

AND, God knows, the MLB was against us. The media networks were against us. The decision to close OUR roof was deeply implanted into the brains of each and every player and that worked against us.

My best friend was there and she pointed out something that no one else has..... the seats that usually are filled by the ordinary fans, the ones that hoot and hollar for the team, were being filled by the bosses and executives and others that were there to observe the victory and history. They might of held up a few signs with their lily white paws, but they weren't about to get loud. That's not to say that the fans let the team down though. If anything it's the other way around. And yet we got to the World Series, and that's an accomplishment in its own right.

Let's win one. Just one. If the Boston Red Soxs could start with one win last year, then why can't we?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Jersey Gets To Go To The Show!

My good friend, Laurie, borrowed one of my Astros jerseys and she's wearing it to Game 5. I'm so happy for my shirt. It's not the first time my clothes have had more fun without me in them! And I guess it won't be the last time. Go Jersey! Beat the SOX!

Speaking of which, I HAD to wear socks yesterday and I wore BLACK SOCKS on purpose. Ha! Take that, Chicago!

There's a piece in the paper today about a "fan" in Chicago slapping Mrs. Biggio. That's pretty chickenshit. If I was in charge I'd outlaw beer sales, but that'll never happen because a lot of folks just go to sporting events to have an excuse to get wasted. Losers. Then this genius, the Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, suggests that if it happens again the perp should be taken to the dugout to let the player deal with it. GEEZUS, the idiots will beat those poor women to death for a chance to get into the dugout! Again, if I was in charge, I'd arm the families of the ballplayers in a NY minute!

Speaking of NY....whoa, it seems they aren't interested in watching the Series since none of their high dollar jocks are in it. Boo me a who! Like I was interested in seeing them or any of the rest of the media darlings that go year after boring year. So to liven up things, the powers that be are convinced that the Sox are going to win the whole show. I don't think so. One thing is crystal clear, if they can come to our house and beat us, then we don't deserve to win, but could we have some honest officiating for a change and a level playing field? Just give us a break and we'll give you back some entertaining wins!

Go Astros! Do it for Roger's momma and my daddy and, dadgumit, me too!

Monday, October 24, 2005


They are all talking about Brad Lidge and the effects the grand slams could have on his psyche. Hey, what about the fan's psyche? Why is it that any kind of defeat makes us feel like we did in past baseball and football and basketball loss years? I got a news flash for 'em too....there IS crying in baseball! It's darn hard for a fan to stay positive and optimistic. It's easier to point fingers and whine that this or that should of been done and that player should or shouldn't of been employed. All of the sudden the bright light of hope dims to bring out the Dark Side of human nature.

Well, I'm so not going to dwell on the what could of beens in Chicago. It's in the books now...nothing any fan vomits out on the blogs can change that. Moving on. Coming home. Turn the page, keep writing, it's not over until The End of the story.....

--------- Change of Pace........

This is a waaaay cool link! It's Minute Maid Park as viewed by God, probably..... check it out!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baseball On The Brain

My old brain is just spinning in anticipation of The Game. I’ve read and watched everything I can if for no other reason than to try and get a handle on the White Sox. I know nothing about the current team….just the scandalized one. Obviously they are a talent bunch….one would think they are the best the American League has to offer since they are wearing their league’s crown. Mostly I’ve read about how Chicago treats them like bastard stepchildren…or at least HALF of Chicago reportedly does. How weird is that? When I think of the cities that would LOVE to have a ball club of their very own, it boggles the mind to wonder why everyone wouldn’t embrace one of their own.

We’re going to win this thing. I can feel it. I went to MLB.COM and bought lots of goodies….T-shirts and bumper stickers and the like, but I held back from going completely hog wild in anticipation of buying stuff AFTERWARDS to commemorate winning the 2005 World Series. Even if we don’t win it all, it’s so great just to BE there. I wish my daddy could have lived to see this day. No, that’s not right…. I wish my daddy could have lived so I could see him see this day. He’s watching….him and Roger’s mom and all the other moms and dads that have gone home. And just think, UP THERE they don't have to jockey for good seats and SRO is on a cloud! I get a lot of comfort thinking stuff like that too.

Go Astros! All the way to Chicago and back and bring it on home to the new dome! You earned it, we deserve it!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is He A Girly-Man?

I don't exactly mean to be mean spirited about St. Louis Cardinal Yadier Molina, but why does he look like a girl? His eyebrows looked plucked and he appears to wear more makeup than me ... which is not hard to do, I hate the stuff. I guess he could be mid-way in his transgender transition, and that'd be cool, but he's a good catcher and I don't know why he'd want to ruin that with pantyhose and high heels. It's darn hard to squat in a dress!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How About Those Astros!

After having my baseball heart broken so many times.... over and over again.... year after year.... and the knowledge that all of those teams were great teams and we deserved to win..... to finally see the dream come through, come true, gives me indescribable joy. I was born and raised on baseball as were my brothers. We were taught that you never, ever criticize your team and that you didn't even boo the other team. The love was instilled for the game and the athletic abilities it takes to play the game. I can applaud a great catch or an outstanding pitching performance no matter which team accomplished it. A fine play is a fine play no matter the color of the uniform. But these Houston Astros are in a class by themselves! It's about damn time too! Not just for the guys to prevail, but for the whole world to know how great they are. I’m so proud of them and so happy for them too! Go Astros! Bring home the 2005 World Series Pennant!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Fun With Ball Talk

I've been having fun "talking" Astros baseball on Chip Bailey's FanBlog. I wonder if he's any kin to my Baileys?

I've developed a system for watching the game. I don't. I listen to Alan & Milo and TiVo the game ... then when we win I watch it! I can't stand listening to the "baseball experts" that are on FOX so I don't, at least not while my heart is racing and my palms are all sweaty. Last night it was as if the Cardinals were playing a game of MASTURBATION BASEBALL ... that's where only one team plays and the commentators watch. Now I know that's not a very nice thing for a little old lady to say, but it sure expresses how I feel about Curly, Moe and Larry aka Thom Brennaman, Bob Brenly and Steve Lyons.

As an old time Astros/Colt45's fan I'm going out on the limb and says "win or lose I'll love them" ... no one can keep those thoughts of past should-of-beens at bay, but THIS time I think they'll do it. THIS TIME is OUR TIME. Broken baseball hearts can and do mend and you live to love all over again. Life is good that way.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I Love The Astros Even More!

What a team! What a game! If I'm dreaming don't wake me up!

Thank you Astros for the best game I've ever seen! (The good news is I didn't have a heart attack while watching it! And there was no bad news at all!).

I Love Those Guys!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Love The Astros!

I got to see the Astros play their last two regular season games yesterday and today. Today they clinched the NL Wild Card Championship by beating the Chicago Cubs 6-4. It was great and so exciting and extremely loud at Minute Maid Park. All the fans really got into the game too. Well most of them....there are always those that just sit there like they are catatonic and I always wonder why they even bother to come if they aren't going to cheer and applaud.

The Astros, 15-30 after a loss to the Cubs on May 24, became the first team since the 1914 Boston Braves to make the playoffs after being as many as 15 games under .500.

After the game we heard that the Astros have extended Craig Biggio's contract another year. Yea! He was awesome this year.... he gets better with age .... just like Roger Clemens!

The picture is of the Cubs manager, Dusty Baker, hugging Jose Cruz when they brought out the line-up cards before the game started. I thought it was sweet.... I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before a game. I hope they hugged after the game too!

Go 'Stros! Beat the Braves!!