Monday, March 27, 2006

Old Ladies And Traffic Cops

Old Ladies And Traffic Cops

The following story got me to thinking....

Cigars.....Donuts..and Coffee: Get outta my way....I had a bad day.....

There is nothing scarier than a traffic cop pointing his finger or waving his arm and blowing a whistle unless it's looking in your rear view mirror and seeing flashing lights. I swear to God I never know what they want me to do! Not the flashing lights ones, that's easy, it's only idiots that don't understand how that works. I like it when the cop just keeps his cool and put up a plain and simple palm toward me "STOP" and then the arm waving "come on". Some of them start twirling and whirling and whistling and tweeting and THAT just make me STOP and then that defeats whatever purpose they are intending. People like me, don't want to annoy the POLICE! First rule my daddy taught me: never piss off a cop. There's nothing pretty about an angry cop and most of them don't care much for blubbering old ladies staring back at them and shrugging their aged shoulders as if to say "what do you want me to do?".....

Once I get to going, I always give the officer/deputy a little 'thank you' wave, not the rude gesture that Jason wrote about, but just a "I finally figured it out, thanks, have a nice day" kind of finger wiggling salute. I would NEVER do anything less or anything more. Although one time I put the window down and offered the fellow an ice cold, unopened bottle of water, but he declined. Cops are suspicious by nature, you know. I can't say I blame them either.

Oh, and one other thing....I'm also patient and polite to regular people that direct traffic around orange cones and such.....I figure they are doing me a favor in the long run. What sets my kettle to boiling is the folks that can't bide their time and wait in the line....the ones that drive down the shoulder or make their own freeway exits or go around everyone and then cut back in at the last possible second before the barricade. I'm usually back there saying "don't let that asshole in, damnit folks!"....but they always do get back in, don't they?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Way To Go KHOU Online....NOT....

I just read this at

At least 11 HPD officers have received suspensions without pa and one was fired.

"We are appealing his firing on the basis that there is no just cause and this is a fine officer. One of Houston's finest," said his attorney, Robert Fuentes. officers One was fired.

Now I'll admit freely that I make tons of typos and spelling mistakes and plain jane head-up-my-butts, but TWO mistakes by a professional news organization's website is stOOpid. Don't they have anyone to proofread this stuff? I'd do if for free except it's not easy sending "E" to them to point out their booboos.

BTW, the article was concerning the bellyaching going on about the folks that didn't bother to show up or notify their supervisors they were not coming in to work during the hurricane-that-wasn't. So, naturally, they hired attorneys and have been crying to the press, etc. and hoping to be reinstated. I just hope Mayor White and Chief Hurtt stick to their guns and tell 'em all 'tough titty'. Like the mayor pointed out, thousands of those affected worried about their families at work, they didn't ('cuse me) cop out and then whine like little babies. I love the guy that said maybe they weren't suited to work in the emergency response industry (my words, not his). He nailed it! Let them go work in New Orleans with all those quitters. HPD takes too much unjustified heat when the call takers screw up. The call takers are not HPD officers, they are civilians, but HPD runs the HEC center so the buck stops with them. That's not fair, but rarely does the press point out the difference. It's boils down to yet another example of people that are not willing to admit responsibility for their actions. Where's the joy is saying "I screwed up, I'll take the consequences"..... much more flair to whine about how mistreated your were by the big, bad city. Phooey. The city's got way to many slackers on the payroll now. I say weed 'em all out.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Can't Bitch When It's Free has been experiencing technical difficulties. Or something. I've been trying to upload some pictures for a couple of days and it no workie.

The good part is I've saved what I was working on as a "draft". The bad part is I can't seem to get the dratted "draft" launched. That's makes for a daffy draft and one dilly of a dilemma. Dadgumit.

The bad part is I've developed the galloping crud that's currently making the rounds. I'm down to my last box of Kleenex and getting thin in the soup and crackers department too. My youngest is going to make a cracker run this evening....the plan being she'll leave the Ritz on the trunk of my car in exchange for her mail. What a deal! I could go to the store, I'm not dying or anything, but why not wait a day or two and let the germs settle. (I see the germs as snowglobe particles that get shaken and move about freely when you turn yourself upside down or otherwise discombobulate anywhere outside of the couch, the bed or the recliner and then they settle back down when you keep on a level keel. I might be right too, what do the scientists know!). I've got a massage booked for tomorrow and I'm hoping the deep tissue action will push any remaining germs out through my skin pores. AGAIN, why not, what do the doctors know anyway?

Back to my Blogger concerns: the bottom line is one can't bitch about service with it's FREE. I think that's only fair. So I'll waiting and sniffing and napping and crouping and soup slurping and cracker crunching and generally being a patient patient. Being patient is not in my nature so it's a testament to the keelhauling effects of this crud. I am having a good time putting words together so all is not for naught. I like the way that works.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys!

I used to hear that expression all the time. It sounds like it would be fun, although once my husband brought home an actual monkey for the kids and, as these things often happen, I ended up being the chief caregiver of said simian. I'm here to tell you that when a squirrel monkey is frightened, he lets loose with a lot of loose, if you get my drift. He used to run up the drapes, the phone would ring and spook him and everything he'd had to eat that day would soon fly. He didn't last long in the zoo we called our home. We found a nice OTHER home for him with people that liked monkey poop, but that's not the point I wanted to make....

I found this site that is (all together) MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF MONKEYS! The deal is you upload a photo and then you can morph it into other different races and artistic creations. The site is called the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer. I was going to post some of my pictures, but thought better of it. I will say though that if they ever remake Planet of the Apes, I'm going to try out for a role and send them the 'ape' rendering of moi....

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Alan Jackson Was One Fine Attraction!

First thing that comes to mind when you see Alan Jackson: he's so darn cute! He's got a seductive grin and, believe it or not, I don't mean that in a tawdry way. He's got a smile that makes you want to see it over and over can't not smile when you see him smile. He sounded wonderful and sang all my favorites. I wish the pictures I took would of turned out better. Darnit. I took probably a hundred and only have a few worth squat.

He ended the evening with projected pictures of Houston and Texas and the crowd went wild with each frame change. They must of taken some, if not all of them, yesterday. I liked it that he ended on an UP note and not with Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning because as touching and heartfelt as that song is, it's like picking at the scab and never letting it heal.

He even looks pretty in pink, don't you think?

I've had the most extraordinary four trips to the rodeo this year. Each was memorable in its own way and even though it takes me a couple of days to "recover" from the experience, I wouldn't of missed it for anything. I have to say again that all the folks that put on the rodeo do an outstanding job. If the rodeo committee ran the country we might could get something accomplished! The only improvement won't ever happen and that'd be in they kept the golldurn crap peddlers off the isles when the lights go down for the headliners. Yee haw, ya'll, get along lil doggie... until next year.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Out Damn Spot! Folex Rules!

My recommendation for spot removal is Folex. I bought a gallon bottle at Home Depot and you can also buy it at Walmart, Target and H.E.B. Check the manufacturer's webpage for other locations around the world.

This stuff really works! I use it more on new stains than old ones, but it works great on any kind of carpet stain. It says on the bottle you can also use it on walls and floors and stuff like that, but given the accidents my dog has had over the years, the carpet that's always been my main focus.

It's not all the dog's fault either. I personally have difficulty getting food and drink to my mouth. Alas, it's not a medical problem, it's more like pilot error.

Anyway when I find something that works as advertised I want to share that find with others!

My Letter To Commissioner Eversole

I got fired up writing a "piece" for my neighborhood's message board and it carried over into the following letter:

Commissioner Jerry Eversole
1001 Preston Street
Room 924
Houston, TX 77002

Dear sir,

I write with great concern about the reports I’m reading and hearing about the highly trained men and women in the Sheriff’s Department leaving the county and going to work for other agencies. These other agencies are willing to pay more and offer better benefits to skim the cream of our young law enforcement crop. The older deputies are not leaving because they have too much time to lose. The young ones are not going because they don’t have the patrol experience.......yet. We are also losing jail deputies and communications call takers and dispatchers.

I’ve sat at many a community meeting and heard for years how shorthanded the Sheriff’s Department is.......the next new class they’d say is going to add xxx number of personnel to the streets and yet it’s never enough. Crime is on the increase and we should be paying more to keep the ones we have and attract even better new ones each year. If that means a raise in taxes, so be it....just make sure the money increased goes into the pockets of the deputies and not for some feel good program to keep the citizens happy. I’m a citizen and it would make me very happy to see our deputies putting their lives on the line each and every day with their heads held high and their children’s futures more secure.

Thank you for any positive consideration you can give this plea.

Respectfully yours,

This is, in part, what I wrote that fired me up:

I've been keeping any eye on security for years and the number
one problems have always been noise disturbances, people not being able
to get along with their immediate neighbors and vandals. There is no
heavy duty crime in here. The deputies get calls all the time that are
NOT criminal matters, but civil ones and there's nothing they can do
except offer suggestions and advice. There are people that drive too
fast and run the stop signs, but short of having the deputies park by
the signs, there's nothing that can be done and if the deputies are
parked by the stop signs they are not patrolling....there is nothing to
stop folks from doing "stuff" on the other side of the neighborhood if
they know the deputy is on this side, etc. As good a job as the
Sheriff's Department deputies are doing, they can't protect us if they
aren't right there when something happens. They make the report and
sometimes catch the guilty parties after the fact, but people are
ultimately responsible for their own personal safety and that starts
with keeping your eyes open and your "stuff" secured. Get a handgun and
learn how to use it and store it safely. Get a dog and keep it inside so
you can hear it if it alerts on something. Keep an eye on your neighbors
too and call 713-221-6000 if you even hear a squirrel fart! Call 911 if
you see a crime in progress!

And, bear in mind that the news reports of Harris County deputies
leaving to go and work for better wages and benefits at HPD are true.
The county has been short handed for YEARS and it's not going to get any
better until we the taxpayers are willing to pay more money and demand
that tax money be spent to offer better wages and benefits for these
highly trained men and women. The best way we can do that is to flood
the Harris County Commissioner's Court with letters and phone calls
telling them we expect more deputies on the streets NOW and we want to
keep the ones we've got. Our Precinct 4 County Commissioner is Jerry
Eversole at 713-755-6444. His downtown office is located at 1001
Preston, Room 924, Houston 77002.

My other rants about the need for better wages and benefits, etc.

Will CC Wake Up When The Last Deputy Departs?
Harris County Deputies Deserve Better Pay NOW

Monday, March 13, 2006

Lee Ann Womack As Seen By God & Me

My friend Don responded to my Toby post about taking his kids to see Lee Ann Womack at the rodeo on Saturday and damned if I wasn't there too! I actually BOUGHT tickets and took my youngest and we had a good time. We sat in the "endzone" at the club level....sort of a God's eye view of the rodeo!

I wanted to see what the club level was like. It's cool having your own snack bars and alcohol bars with only the people on the 3rd level allowed in. Much easier to use the ladies room too as there was never any waiting for a stall. It wasn't the best place for taking pictures however and this is the best one I got of Lee Ann Womack onstage...

I met up with my good friend Matt and his children...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I Can iPod!

That title sounds like I've learned how to can peas for something, but it means I broke down and bought myself a 4GB iPod Nano and I've been having fun putting music (MP3s) on it and trying to figure out all the nuances of the care and feeding of same. I've played with it long enough now to be able to tell you what I think.....

First, Apple needs some serious help writing their instruction booklets. Like a great many "techie" folks they don't remember what it's like to NOT know "techie" stuff. They assume, I guess, that everyone knows "stuff" and all they have to do is point them in the right direction. They'd be wrong. Now I don't want to brag, but I know some stuff. I'm comfortable around my computer, etc. and I've even been asked a time or two for help or advice, but by no stretch of even my imagination am I technologically literate in the finite sense. I like to say I know just enough to be dangerous to my CPU. In truth I know enough to scream for "help" when I'm out of my comfort zone. I do know how to "Google" and search my butt off online and that's what I ended up doing to master the iPod monster.

Second, Apple needs to be ashamed to sell a tiny box that holds much, much less than the 1,000 songs advertised without the ability to DELETE individual songs off of it without having to start from scratch. It took me "forever" to figure out that you can't delete songs off the thing. "They" don't tell you that anywhere in the alleged instructions.

However, all gripes aside, it is truly amazing that such great sound quality comes out of such a tiny package. It's doing just what I wanted it to's easy to tote and it holds all my favorite songs. I can walk around the house and pretend to be cleaning while dancing and singing....thank God the windows are heavily tinted and the walls are thick. Me and my Nano are quite the pair. It works flawlessly with iTunes too and that's the main reason I bought $i$t$ and not something more reasonably priced.

I'm going to buy a better set of headphones for it as I can't abide the "earpods" ears aren't shaped right or something and the "pods" are just annoying. I've got some headphones I've been using that proved to me that was the way to go and now I want something new and perhaps smaller or foldable. I'd also like a pouch to hang around my neck to put the Nano in. Ideally it'd be easy to see the dial for sound tweaks and such and keep the cords out of the way, but the main thing would be not having to worry about dropping the iPod and yet still use the earphones. If anyone knows of such a holder, please let me know. I might have to end up designing and constructing what I want. Uck. ....... or......

Better yet would be if "they'd" make some earphones that fit into the iPod "slot" and had the lanyard ability and then it'd be one neat little useful package. One could just hang the lanyard around their neck and put on the headphones and boogie! I'd like that a lot. Anyway, bottom line, I like the iPod Nano despite a wart here and there.

Toby Keith Can Sing *AND* Chew!

Toby Keith is amazing. He put on a first rate show last night at the rodeo. He sang EVERY one of his songs that I love and one I don't care for at all. The one I don't care for is Whiskey Girl ... it's got a good melody, but the whole concept is stooopid IMHO. He'd do as well to sing a song about a guy named "Rummy the Dummy".

His show is as different as daylight and dark from George Strait's. George makes you want to slow dance and snuggle with someone you love. Toby makes you want to get drunk and hurt a stranger in a bar! The music was loud, but Toby was heard just fine over it all. I had trouble hearing George from time to time because the music was too loud at his concert. I don't know why "they" think your ears have to bleed for it to be effective.

The odd parts (and you KNEW they'd be odd parts) were a) he never introduced the members of the band, just the band as a whole and b) he CHEWED GUM the ENTIRE time he performed! I've never seen anything like that. I wanted to march on stage and hold out my hand for the gum like the nuns used to do in grade school. 'Course I'd of never made in over the fence much less onto the stage, but I could see me doing it in my mind. The gum didn't seem to affect his abilities, but it was..... I dunno.... rude maybe. Certainly not "professional" and yet Tobe is the consummate "outlaw" so I guess if the Wriggley fits..... or different chews for different you's...

I took my rusty, trusty Olympus C-740 and got some decent shots. I could of done better if I'd of taken my "big" camera, but I didn't feel like dragging it to hell and back. If Garth Brooks ever comes back to concerts, that would be like dying and going to heaven to see him, but in the meantime, Toby Keith is the best there is for putting on a great show and I'm so happy I got to be there! Thanks, again, Paula and Larry!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

March Is Social Work Month

And in my family it's also "Social Worker Month" because my niece is the author of this article entitled Saving A Daughter. Good work, as always, Jennifer.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Will CC Wake Up When The Last Deputy Departs? | Low pay could force deputies to join HPD

Come on, Commissioner's Court! Get the lead out! No offense to the good deputies staying behind, in fact, God bless you for staying, but at this rate all we're going to have left is the old heads who aren't about to break a sweat and the new hot heads who've yet to be seasoned! It's not rocket science.....just pay these folks a decent wage and give them some real overtime and quit scrapping off so much off the top for health care. Raise our taxes if you must, just make damn sure that increase goes into the pocket of the deputies and not into the pockets of the CC, etc. We can't afford not to give them a raise or increased benefits to make them stay and be able to lift their heads with pride once again!

Harris County Deputies Deserve Better Pay NOW

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just Said "NO" To Oscar!

I didn't watch the Oscars. That's the first time EVER. It's not like I forgot they were going to be on either...I just said to myself: "Self, who needs it? It's just a bunch of self-promoting liberals, dressed to the nines and hell bent on slamming everything *I* believe in" so it was a no-go! Well, almost. I did tune in the last few minutes and watch Reese's speech pieces and the bombshell they tossed off the mountain for best picture. I read about the alleged "song" that won and I think that pretty much sums up what's wrong with all of it.

There is no romance or tenderness or class left in the world. Hollywood has stuck so much crap up their noses and into their veins they wouldn't know how to make a good movie if their livelihoods depended on it. When a good movie happens along and people like me flock to it, you'd think they might get a clue, but no they just go on trying to out-gross and out-shock and out-action themselves with each "new" film. Not that there are that many "new" year they'll probably go into someone's bathroom and take a big old dump and then film THAT being flushed down the drain and call it "art". Is it any wonder I've been spending my time watching old films on the Turner Classic Movie channel?

I'm A Soldier's Angel Now!

There's a wonderful organization called Soldier's Angels and I've been reading about it and tonight I took the plunge and signed up and got my very own soldier! His name is PFC Can't Give Out His Name and he's stationed somewhere where Americans are fighting for our freedoms while the rest of us sit on our cans and write in our blogs. The "rules" are simple....send packages and letters. The organization request one or two package a month be sent to your soldier and no quitting. You're in for the duration. They signed up and so did you!

This is exactly what I've been searching for without realizing it. I come from a long line of men that never served in the service in wartime. My brothers are both peace time veterans, but that's not really the same thing as crawling around in the mud and muck and getting shot at! I grew up after the 2nd World War and I remember people "doing" things for our soldiers and sailors. This is the least I can do to show my support in a real, tangible way. I hope I hear from him one day, but that might not happen. He might be to busy and that's understandable. That's the best part about this whole deal...he doesn't have to "do" anything, he's doing plenty now and I don't need acknowledgement, I'm getting my kicks out of helping in a small way. I like the way that works and it feels good too! Good night, Soldiers, stay safe...

Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Fun With Diabetes

Diabetes control linked to improved memory

Posted Mar 4th 2006 8:21AM by Diane Rixon
Filed under: Type 2, Lifestyle, drugs

It's no joke. Type 2 diabetes is associated with mild cognitive dysfunction. (As if the odds aren't already against you when you have Type 2!) It is a fact that Type 2 patients can be less successful at retaining information, which can really impair a person's ability to function in everyday life, whether at work, doing household tasks etc. But according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, improved metabolic control and reduced glucose levels can improve working memory in Type 2 patients, working memory being the type of short-term memory used for your basic day-to-day tasks. The results of the study were reported in Diabetes Care.

I am LIVING PROOF of the above.

I also don't listen.

I'm pretty sure I cause some people's indigestion too.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The NRA Takes A Bite Out Of The Chocolate Mayor

NRA Sues Mayor Ray Nagin

Fairfax, VA-The National Rifle Association (NRA ) has filed a motion for contempt against the City of New Orleans, the mayor and the acting chief of police for failure to comply with a temporary restraining order, handed down September 12, 2005, ordering an end to all illegal gun confiscations.

"With looters, rapists and other thugs running rampant in New Orleans, Ray Nagin issued an order to disarm all law-abiding citizens," declared Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive vice president. "With no law enforcement and 911 available, he left the victims vulnerable by stripping away their only means of defending themselves and their loved ones. Now Ray Nagin thinks he's above the law, and that's just wrong."

Attorneys for NRA have exhausted all efforts to cooperate with the defendants, Mayor Nagin and Chief Riley, who repeatedly ignored the court's permanent restraining order against their illegal gun confiscations.

"Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment," said Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist. "During a federally declared emergency, he abused his power and abandoned the very people he was sworn to protect. He took away the victims' freedom and their basic means of self-defense during an ill-fated and perilous time."

The motion also includes an order that all seized firearms must be returned to their rightful owners.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

George Strait Was Great!

I got to see George Strait at the Houston Rodeo last night! First time ever as he's always sold out. My best friend Paula and her husband invited me. They only had to ask me once too!

He was, as expected, just great. He sang for 1 hour and 25 minutes. He was warmly received, but IMHO not shown a great deal of respect. Call me old fashioned, but when someone is performing it's not polite to a) come in late and make folks stand to let you in the row, b) come and go like you were in the middle of the barrel racing or chicken chasing, c) start leaving before the show is even a little past half over, d) run up and down the isles selling silly shit, e) stand up drunk and dancing with total disregard for those trying to see around your big ass, etc., etc., etc. Ok, call me 'cranky' and be done with it, but it's irritating as spit the way some folks behave. I guess the rodeo arena has different rules than something smaller, but I still think of the folks that would of LOVED to be there that would of listened and enjoyed as opposed to the ones I've described.

I have to hand it to the folks that put the rodeo together each and every year. Now I'll admit I thought I'd die before the bus arrived to take us 'home', as it gets mighty hot under TENTS, but by and large they do an outstanding job from the get-go to those snaking lines for the buses. I like the way the rodeo action moves from one end of the arena for one event, to the other end for the next event. The food was good and the single beer (SEVEN BUCKS!) I had was cold and tasty.

Believe it or not, I'm going with them to see Toby Keith and Alan Jackson too. I'm so blessed. Here's a ha-ha photo I took and e-mailed myself. I think the ghostly orb in the center is George .... by then the beer was kicking in.

Yee Haw, everybody! Go Texan!