Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Must Read In Your Live In Harris County!

Facebook wouldn't allow the link to Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, sigh, but I'll put it here. Murray Newman knows and tells it like it needs to be heard.

Two must reads are "I Don't Know Where To Begin"


"Another Friday - Another Chief Leaves".

I'm all for on the job training and the learning curve, but, get real, there's too much crime in Harris County for this kind of crap.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dell Computers: Why Are They Still In Business?

I ordered a new laptop computer April 7th because my old Dell laptop is so slow it's getting to be only good for playing solitaire.

Dell had sent out a postcard with a laptop on sale that caught my fancy. I went online as I love to do and picked out what I wanted and didn't want on it.

I was getting Win XP with an option for Vista. I never intended to use that option as I'll wait for something better and I've heard nothing good about Vista unless one buys all new hardware and software, etc.

So I waited and checked the link Dell had provided in the same email that said my order was being processed and that my preferred financial account would happily allow payments. There was no charge for shipping, the only charge was for taxes. It was a good deal for a laptop equipped like I wanted.

Obviously it was too good of a deal. The next time I checked the link it said the one with THAT order numbered had been cancelled!


There was another order number listed and it was for the exact same computer so I did a "phew" and then noticed that the new delivery date was for May 14th. The new ordered date was April 16. I was irritated, but at least it was going to be on its way THIS YEAR...

I checked a couple more times and everything seemed to be "in the works". I got no other emails. Nothing telling me the first one was canceled, no problems with my financing, and no problems with the SECOND ORDER that was ALSO canceled.

Surprise, surprise. Dell hell is now open for bizness.

I just spent the last 33 minutes talking to every Tom, Dick and Harriet in India. I finally demanded to speak to an English speaking supervisor and it became clear that they were going to keep me on hold until the sacred cows came home.

No mas. It would of been my FIFTH Dell computer purchase. Now I'm not buying another system from them and I'll urge everyone I know to do the same.

I do not know what's keeping them in business. They are soooo painfully polite. I finally told the last gal to stop apologizing because it was beginning to make me mad. The very first person I spoke too about the cancellation said "there was a problem with my financing" and an email was sent telling me to contact Dell Financial. I got nothing from them. The financial folks checked and said there was no problem with financing.

*I* think the problem was with Win XP. They didn't want to build what I wanted to buy. I was taking it pretty much straight up, not a lot of extras, no software, etc. It was supposed to be an Inspiron 1545, Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200, 2.0 GHz 800Mhz, 1M L2 Cache with "Genuine Windows Vista Business Bonus". It was supposed to have a 320GB Sata Hard Drive.

The 5th person I talked to was going to reorder the "exact same" computer, but she was in financial and couldn't do that so I'd have to go BACK to sales or customer service or whatever where, of course, they'd want all my information for the 6th time. She got rid of me by giving me a phone number that she said would get me where I needed to be and THEN I could ask for a supervisor.

Which leads me back around to the beginning of this saga.

Never again.

I have a Dell printer so I have to buy their ink, but that's it.

Dell Computer and Comcast must of been separated at birth because they are both I-don't-give-a-shit companies.