Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Backyard Bird Photos - Best Ever!

This is the male red-shouldered hawk. His mate is below. Red-shouldered hawks mate for life. Too bad you can't say that about most humans!

This is as good at it gets! It's as if they posed just for me and then the next day they went back to keeping their distance. These are just two of the ones I took. These and all the rest of the pictures are in my photo gallery at Enjoy!

While I was watching her through my kitchen window I used my laptop to search for information about them and was delighted to learn such things as:
By the time they are five days old, nestling Red-shouldered Hawks can shoot their feces over the edge of their nest. Bird poop on the ground is a sign of an active nest.

Their enemies are Great Horned Owls, raccoons and man who clears the land and is destroying their natural habitats and causing them to come and sit on my fence! Their idea of McDonalds is to dine on small mammals, small birds, reptiles, amphibians, large insects, and crayfish. I wish they'd eat some of the young squirrels that are living in my yard! Say what you will, squirrels are still rodents or just RATS with a better tail! Why on earth anyone would feed and encourage them is beyond me!

Spring has sprung! Er....we didn't even have a proper winter, but I'm not complaining about the lack of ice in the greater Gulf Coast area!

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