Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jason's Advice For Beating A Citation

Check out Jason's advice at Cigars....Donuts...and Coffee. Bearing in mind that the part about "beating" the ticket is mine, not his. Most of his advice is just common sense, but since too many folks don't have ANY common sense I can see where it'd be a good idea to bone up on the suggestions rather than be the bone-E next time you're pulled over!

A couple of years back I'd of just said the best way to get out of a citation is not to be breaking the law, but......I'll admit that being lucky doesn't hurt a bit either! I must be very, very lucky!

And I'm all for close calls. I find a good close call will put the fear of the Lord and the cop in you and see to it that you walk the straight and narrow until the shock wears off. Mileage may vary with gender differences.

The main thing, or so I've been told by those that know, is attitude. Clarification: make that GOOD attitude. Having a "tude" is not the same as being respectful and taking it like a "man". Whine like a little girl or cry like a baby and you're on your own. Oh and just in case it never dawned on you, trying to look down on a law enforcement officer while he is standing ABOVE you is dumb, dumb, dumb. It's a job nothing more and nothing less, but it's the kind of job that can ('cuse me) fuck you up good if you are an idiot.

Anyway it's good solid advice from one that knows. Unlike me who is just lucky or hasn't been caught YET....

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