Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Chocolate Foot

As you probably already know, this is big news:

SMILEY: When Alphonso Jackson, President Bush's HUD Secretary, suggested some weeks back, some months back now, he said and I'm not quoting here, but I'm paraphrasing pretty close to the quote, you may recall this--he said people should just get use to the fact--this was a press conference he was speaking at, in his native Houston--said that people should get used to the fact, hey, let's face it, New Orleans is never gonna be as black as it was. Now, it's one thing to hear the mayor saying what he was saying, and I'm glad to hear you say that. It's another to hear a federal official close to the president say that. What am I to make of that statement then?

NAGIN: Well, you know, I have been kinda, almost flippant in my response to that. That seems to me like some Republican testosterone from the standpoint that, you know, he's basically a public official that controls the public housing stock in the city of New Orleans. And Tavis, even if everyone who was in public housing did not return, this still would be a chocolate city.

Question: How fast would Jesse Jackson, et. al. bust a gut if Mayor White, for instance, said he'd be glad when all the New Orleans folks went back home so Houston could become a White Bread City once more? Nagin, the boob, is taking heat right now perhaps, but it won't last....but Lord love a duck, just let a white person say CHOCOLATE about ANYTHING and WHAM! POW! BLAM! Can you say "hypocrites" in the same sentence as "Democrats"? I knew you could.

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Rorschach said...

I thought those terms were interchangeable, why would you need to use them both in the same sentence?