Friday, January 20, 2006

Kick A** Film Showing America's Finest

Catch the film at entitled DIE TERRORISTS DIE! This is the lead-in to the film produced by Grouchy Media:

Die Terrorists Die!

Al-Jazeera shows videos for al-Qaeda, and so do I. Just not the kind they like to see…

In light of Iran’s latest BS, and bin Laden’s latest BS, I thought this was an appropriate time for my favorite kick-jihadi-ass military video! Welcome to any and all visiting dhimmis and jihadis. This one’s for you.

Yeah, baby - watch for the fully-armed Apache comin’ at ya, the Harrier, the paratroopers, and the Stealth bomb drops. The nukes ain’t so bad either.

By Grouchy Media. (NSFW - profanity) Turn it up loud and rock it!

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