Tuesday, January 17, 2006

God, I Hate Politics.....but......

...sometimes you just have to take your head out of your the sand and look around at the mess the world is in. OR maybe the world's not in such a mess afterall ...... maybe it's the liberal media that makes it seem so. Maybe you just need to look for other answers and different views of the problems and you see the truth, for a change.

Blogs are great to help wade through the guff. Newspapers and television news are too often being "found out" as reporting the truth as they wish it was rather than it is.......and THEN when the lies emerge to see the light of day, they don't even have the balls guts to admit their ignorance deception.

The best blogs I've found (so far) that offer a different better view are the following:
1. Michelle Malkin
2. The Officer's Club (Not like anything you've ever read!)
3. Stop the ACLU

Right now the Stop the ACLU has a must-read article entitled ACLU Sues NSA. Read it! You really must should!

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