Friday, January 13, 2006

Good Grief! I Look Like The Dalai Lama!

A pal-O-mine with a funny blog gave me the link to this other cool blog that uses fancy software to match your uploaded photo with celebrities that look like you.

I sent mine up and was all a quiver waiting for the results ..... while images of fine lookin' chicks appeared in my head. Who would I be most like? Would it be one of the super stars or one of the lesser stars? I'm sure I thought of every female movie personalitity from Theda Barra to Miss Piggy and lo! and behold! I came closer to Miss Piggy! At least SHE'S a SHE. My main match is the Dalia Lama! Geez. I'd ask for my money back except that it didn't cost anything to try.

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