Thursday, March 23, 2006

Way To Go KHOU Online....NOT....

I just read this at

At least 11 HPD officers have received suspensions without pa and one was fired.

"We are appealing his firing on the basis that there is no just cause and this is a fine officer. One of Houston's finest," said his attorney, Robert Fuentes. officers One was fired.

Now I'll admit freely that I make tons of typos and spelling mistakes and plain jane head-up-my-butts, but TWO mistakes by a professional news organization's website is stOOpid. Don't they have anyone to proofread this stuff? I'd do if for free except it's not easy sending "E" to them to point out their booboos.

BTW, the article was concerning the bellyaching going on about the folks that didn't bother to show up or notify their supervisors they were not coming in to work during the hurricane-that-wasn't. So, naturally, they hired attorneys and have been crying to the press, etc. and hoping to be reinstated. I just hope Mayor White and Chief Hurtt stick to their guns and tell 'em all 'tough titty'. Like the mayor pointed out, thousands of those affected worried about their families at work, they didn't ('cuse me) cop out and then whine like little babies. I love the guy that said maybe they weren't suited to work in the emergency response industry (my words, not his). He nailed it! Let them go work in New Orleans with all those quitters. HPD takes too much unjustified heat when the call takers screw up. The call takers are not HPD officers, they are civilians, but HPD runs the HEC center so the buck stops with them. That's not fair, but rarely does the press point out the difference. It's boils down to yet another example of people that are not willing to admit responsibility for their actions. Where's the joy is saying "I screwed up, I'll take the consequences"..... much more flair to whine about how mistreated your were by the big, bad city. Phooey. The city's got way to many slackers on the payroll now. I say weed 'em all out.

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