Monday, March 13, 2006

Lee Ann Womack As Seen By God & Me

My friend Don responded to my Toby post about taking his kids to see Lee Ann Womack at the rodeo on Saturday and damned if I wasn't there too! I actually BOUGHT tickets and took my youngest and we had a good time. We sat in the "endzone" at the club level....sort of a God's eye view of the rodeo!

I wanted to see what the club level was like. It's cool having your own snack bars and alcohol bars with only the people on the 3rd level allowed in. Much easier to use the ladies room too as there was never any waiting for a stall. It wasn't the best place for taking pictures however and this is the best one I got of Lee Ann Womack onstage...

I met up with my good friend Matt and his children...

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Anonymous said...

If you were sitting where that first picture was taken, you would have seen us if you turned right and looked up (we had level 6 seats)

I was the one wearing the cowboy hat.