Thursday, March 09, 2006

Toby Keith Can Sing *AND* Chew!

Toby Keith is amazing. He put on a first rate show last night at the rodeo. He sang EVERY one of his songs that I love and one I don't care for at all. The one I don't care for is Whiskey Girl ... it's got a good melody, but the whole concept is stooopid IMHO. He'd do as well to sing a song about a guy named "Rummy the Dummy".

His show is as different as daylight and dark from George Strait's. George makes you want to slow dance and snuggle with someone you love. Toby makes you want to get drunk and hurt a stranger in a bar! The music was loud, but Toby was heard just fine over it all. I had trouble hearing George from time to time because the music was too loud at his concert. I don't know why "they" think your ears have to bleed for it to be effective.

The odd parts (and you KNEW they'd be odd parts) were a) he never introduced the members of the band, just the band as a whole and b) he CHEWED GUM the ENTIRE time he performed! I've never seen anything like that. I wanted to march on stage and hold out my hand for the gum like the nuns used to do in grade school. 'Course I'd of never made in over the fence much less onto the stage, but I could see me doing it in my mind. The gum didn't seem to affect his abilities, but it was..... I dunno.... rude maybe. Certainly not "professional" and yet Tobe is the consummate "outlaw" so I guess if the Wriggley fits..... or different chews for different you's...

I took my rusty, trusty Olympus C-740 and got some decent shots. I could of done better if I'd of taken my "big" camera, but I didn't feel like dragging it to hell and back. If Garth Brooks ever comes back to concerts, that would be like dying and going to heaven to see him, but in the meantime, Toby Keith is the best there is for putting on a great show and I'm so happy I got to be there! Thanks, again, Paula and Larry!


Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have seen TK, but since I work out of town during the week I wasn't able to make it. I did take the kids to see Lee Anne Womack this past Saturday...they had a great time. Don

Anonymous said...

I've been a Toby Keith fan for 13 years now.The reason he chews the gum to to keep his mouth from drying out I believe.I find the gum chewing rather cute
Glad you enjoyed his show!!

TxGoodie said...

Well I guess that's as good a reason for chewing gum while performing as any I could think of.... come to think of it, I didn't see him drinking much if anything. He has such a gift for songwriting...I hope he never loses the ability to feel like the rest of us and remember what it was like before he became a supernova.