Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Love Behind Bars (Gag me)

I enjoyed watching some of the True Hollywood Story on "E" tv, but currently I've TiVoed one called Love Behind Bars and I'm having a difficult time watching the whole thing. I watch and then I stop it in disgust and then later, due to boredom, I go back and watch some more. Some of the shows I've seen have been interesting....sort of like Biography on steroids....because they last 2 hours instead of just one hour. But I digress...

Those that know me know I take a dim view on feeling sorry for criminals that got what they deserved whether it be jail or tomb. A show like Love Behind Bars excentuates how people that murder can continue with their lives and those that they killed can't. There will never be a website entitled love on the other side. It seems that the more "famous" the crook the more mail they generate. That's just wrong. It's rewarding them for their infamy. I'd prefer to think of them all rotting in their cells and training roaches and bettles for entertainment.

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