Friday, November 25, 2005

BOLO My Bears, Dammit!

A year ago this adorable Christmas decoration, a gift from a son-in-law and daughter, was happily ensconced in my front yard to greet the holiday travelers passing my humble abode. It was meant to cheer up everyone who saw it, including me. It cheered me up just to see it and it reminded me of all that's good about Christmas time. It helped to alleviate some not so happy memories about Christmas time too.

Three days afterward it was GONE. Stolen. Relocated to that cheap flea market in the sky. Ripped off. Confiscated. Appropriated. MIA. Lost for all time. I called the cops, they looked serious, but thought it was funny. I wanted a BOLO, I offered a reward, I cried. I got a replacement that's okay, but it wasn't THAT one and it had to go in the backyard where only family and guests could see it and my big dog would sink his fangs into anyone that dared to mess with it. But still I grieve. So I thought, in an attempt to salve my feelings, I'd rant about it here in the one place I can freely rant without being tagged a whiny ass crybaby ingrate. (In theory).

So I'm back to offering that reward for information leading to the return, in good blow-up-able shape with no questions asked. The reward is a 9 x 13 inch pan of my delicious chocolate fudge with or without nuts, your choice. You'll also be the object of my undying gratitude and semi-devotion for all times or until I croak, whichever comes first. Study the picture well, then BE ON the LOOK OUT for. God speed!

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