Monday, November 21, 2005

But What About The Doctor?

I sent e-mail to the reporter covering the story on the JP that tried to re-up her dead moms handicap placard and she never responded.

This is what I asked her:
Has anyone checked into the doctor who had to sign off on the form for Ms. Bell to renew the handicap parking privileges? You can't just waltz down and get a placard/plates without a doctor swearing to your handicap status. Surely the mom's doctor would know she was deceased! I know how thorough Ms. Goode is so I'm assuming that was checked into and it just wasn't considered relevant....but I'm curious nonetheless......

I've got a handicap placard and before I got it and the one time I renewed it I had to take a form to my doctor and get him to fill it out confirming my need for the placard. I do know how thorough Ms. Donna Goode is too because I've been priviledged to sit on a couple of Grand Juries and see her work for myself. She's one of the brightest stars in Harris County's justice system. And I'll bet she wanted to see a stiffer punishment for Ms. Bell. I bet I did too.

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