Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome aboard. Here's Your Blanket.

This young lady was asked to change her clothes before she could fly on Southwest to Tuscon. She didn't have any other clothes with her as she was only intending to stay a few hours. So she got to wear a blanket in her lap instead.

Here's the whole story.

Humph. It's my experience that they usually make you take things off...such as your shoes! I didn't realize the fashion police also had power over passengers these days! Wow!

Now my own personal gripe is gals that wear stuff like that, but not from the hubba-hubba aspect....hell, sugar, if you got it, flaunt it!....but from the safety standpoint. We have to watch the what-to-do-if videos on every flight and I sit there and think can that gal effect her own rescue with THOSE shoes on? 'Course THAT gal would have men lying down so she could walk on 'em or they'd tenderly carry her out by her....hooters, for sure, but I see women and children wearing inappropriate clothes and shoes all the time and just shake my head. I guess it's just part and parcel when you get old to sit around going tsk-tsk.

BTW this little gal works for Hooters and I'm predicting that this little episode will probably get her enough ink to be in Playboy and then who knows. She might end up having her own plane and then she could fly butt nekkid if she wanted to! Ain't 'Merica great, tho!


Anonymous said...

She can fly with me anytime!

Attila The Mom said...

Oh hell, I'm with you! I'm skeered as hell to fly, so I've read all the books!

Don't wear anything synthetic, it could melt on your skin. Wear natural fibers head to toe and shoes you can run in.