Sunday, September 23, 2007

Google Docs Rock!

Nothing makes a mother more proud than to sit back and see their child sore high in the sky of their own accomplishments.

It's a living, breathing testament to validate all the right things we ever instilled in our kiddos.

By the same token, we feel it acutely when our kids mess up. We feel as if we should of anticipated it and somehow we ourselves messed up by NOT giving the kiddo what they needed to make a difference in the outcome. The plus side of the mess up is usually they learn a valuable lesson, but Lord how painful it is to watch them grow that way!

But I digress, this is a post about Google Docs and how much "they" rock!

The way my daughter got into this was that she told me about Google Docs as the site applies to her own computing life. She's sent me to so many great online places and the pride kicks in because I gave birth to her and by watching me struggle to learn how to use a computer she got the desire to learn about them herself. I get to live vicariously through HER growth and what mom doesn't eat THAT up with a spoon!

So, bottom line, check out the site and when you speak kindly of it, and you will, think of my kid and what a great job me and her dad did raising her!

(I'm almost sure I have to add a disclaimer that this post is meant to be full of sh*t. I do love the site. I did learn about it from my child and I am proud of her. All the rest is just me being way over the top of the manure pile! One of my favorite places to be I might add....)


Lee said...


Just a shot in the dark, but did you used to be active in the BBS community here in the Houston area, using a psuedonym that had something to do with a Bear?

If not, please forgive the intrusion.

Lee Flowers

TxGoodie said...

Hi, Lee! Yep that's me! Check it out at

Thanks for stopping by...