Saturday, September 29, 2007


Here's some links I like and why...

Who doesn't have a few bad neighbors in their hood? This is a cool place to check out and see if maybe YOU are the bad neighbor in YOUR hood! (Originally seen on Houston Consumer Blog).

The Bargainist!

Who doesn't like to shop AND save a buck in the process? This is one of my favorites to keep an eye on for window shopping if nothing else.


Who doesn't like young, cute, funny menfolk with tight tushes? This one could be one of my grandkids if I had any grandkids! He likes to make videos and it's just a matter of time before he is discovered. He's got LOTS of fans, but he needs to be noticed by someone with some pull. (Warning: explicit language - So, Betty, don't click on this link! It's not something you'd like, trust me on this one!)

Simply Audiobooks

Who doesn't like FREE stuff? This place has free book downloads! Alas, they also sell books, but that's another story entirely. Another free books place is LibriVox.

15 Web Addresses for Wasting Time …

Who doesn't like to waste time? Just stare off into space and comtemplate nothing! Here then are 15 links that are just for fun.

Free Annual Credit Report

Who doesn't like getting a free annual credit report to make sure your identity hasn't been compromised? Or just because it's FREE!

Refrigerator Words

Who doesn't like rearranging words on the refrigerator? Especially when other people you can't see are also making sentences and silly sayings! What fun!


Everybody already knows about Woot. Sigh. But who didn't know that if you click on the "Woot" in the upper left hand corner you are taken to Shirt.woot for T-shirt deals? Or that then if you click on Woot Shirt you're taken to Wine.Woot or as I like to think of it WootWine? Me! That's who didn't know! But thanks to Gowan, now I do!

Flaming Text

And finally, who among us doesn't like to set their name on fire? I bet I nearly filled up a harddrive with flaming text!

Enjoy the links!

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