Thursday, September 27, 2007

Six Catholic Nuns Excommunicated For Heresy


On first glance at this article from the Houston Chronicle my mind started racing about jokes dealing with Arkansas and nuns in the punch line, but the more I read the more I wanted to know.

So I Googled and came up with this article Mary, Quite Contrary that is a bio of Marie-Paule Giguère. Now I'm not about to say she is or isn't the Virgin Mary incarnate, but one has to admit that she must have something going for her.

Considering her history and the fact that she reinvented herself... here's her timeline:

1) Born 1921

2) 1933 at age 12, she has heard "an interior voice" that her followers believe is God channeling the spirit of the Virgin Mary through her

3) Married in 1944, had five children

4) Separated from her allegedly abusive husband in 1957

5) Placed her children in an orphanage OR perhaps in a "boarding school" as one source suggests

6) THEN (drum roll) thanks to another edict from God - became the Virgin Mary incarnate circa 1958

7) August 28, 1971 - formed the Army of Mary in Quebec

8) In 1975, Cardinal Maurice Roy, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of the Church in Canada, issued a decree recognizing it as a "Pious Association"

8) In March 25,1987 all hell done broke loose! She got a proper smack down from Cardinal Vachon, the Archbishop of Quebec because two books being circulated by the Army of Mary contained "gravely erroneous doctrines". They took back her piousness, big time!

9) In 1997,her husband, Georges Cliche, died. This freed her to become a religious. She was unanimously elected Superior General of the Daughters of Mary -- one of the five organizations that she herself had founded.

10) March 25, 2000 - the 40,000 square foot Spiri-Maria opens and it looks quite spiffy! This isn't a cheap joint! As usual, there's a lot of money in religion. Call it a cult, call it a sect, call it anything you like, just make sure you keep the green flowing!

They have thousands of followers too. I've never heard of them until today, but then I make it a point to shun that sort of thing whenever possible. I just naturally distrust anything that man says God told him to do that leads to a profit and loss statement.

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