Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Today's Lesson Is....

Today we'll discuss two basis truths. The first is a variation of the premise "if you want the job done right do it yourself". It concerns your body. If it's about YOUR body, YOUR health, YOUR medical records, YOU better be prepared to stay on it as long as is necessary. Take my mammy-gram results, for instance....come to find out when I booked my annual Pappy test, they hadn't received the results of my mammy-gram that was taken in October 2005. So I got on the horn to find out what was the deal. I got the obligatory: we sent it, they just don't know how to file it properly spiel. Now I don't care who dropped the ball nor where they dropped it...I just don't want to show up at the doc's office with my feet in the stirrups to find out they can't renew my whore-moans because they don't know how my boobs are doing.

The second truth for today, class, is "it's never easy". I don't care what "it" is, it's never easy. You have to be tenacious as hell in order to just get by. No one can do for you like you can do. If you don't take the reins and do what needs doing, screw you if it all turns to shit in your face. At least go to bed every night knowing you did the best you could in the limited 24 hours you had to do it in. Even then, if it seems to be a piece of cake, beware.....somethings not right because it NEVER is easy!

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