Friday, February 17, 2006

What Will They Think Up Next?

I found this at Cool Tools....

TV-B-Gone In Media Tools

Switch off thousands of TVs using just one small remote! When you want some peace and quiet in that local bar of restaurant or office all you need to do is hit the TV-B-Gone button. I've used it in bars and clubs, and in the headquarters building of a large South African bank which had too many TV's on the walls and some of which needed to switched off. It really does work.

--Paul Parkinson

[When you press the button, TV-B-Gone takes slightly more than a minute to emit more than 200 popular shutdown codes, like trying every possible combination to open a safe. The instructions include a diatribe against television in general, as if using this product is not merely a prank, but a serious political act. CP]

Available from

Manufactured by TV B Gone

My first thought is "COOL"! My 2nd thought is first time I'd try it I'd get sued. There's got to be some kind of law against shutting off someone else's crap. If there isn't, then I betcha Congress will open an investigation about it and that it is so a "serious political act". Lord it's getting where a person can't even fart these days without a lawyer crawling up their butt to try and stop it!

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