Monday, February 20, 2006

Humping's Not As Good As I Thought!

When I wrote about my daughter's new puppy humping her all the time, I thought it was cute and that it meant he loved her. Or, at the very least, that he was just being a sexual being, canine style. (Note I didn't say "doggie"! Yea, me!)....well according to her vet, it's not a good thing and should be discouraged posthaste. Seems it's cleverly designed to show her he considers himself large and in charge! (Isn't that just like a male!). Since he's planning on growing up to be rather hefty, she does need to get him used to idea that he's just a MEMBER of HER pack and not the other way around.

Come to think of it, I think too many people make the mistake of letting their doggies rule the roost and then can't understand why they misbehave. Dogs, like kids, need structure. It's a sign of love and caring to put your foot down (unless it's ON them, then it's a sign that therapy is needed, for YOU!). It's not easy, because both little kids and little dogs are so cute and it's easy to just sit back and watch them have fun, but then one day you turn around and they are not quite so cute and then they think the rules and boundaries don't apply to them and all hell can and often does break loose. So, the bottom line, seems to be, YOU should be humping the dog!


Lainey said...

Very interesting....I try to divert Elvis' attention when he starts with the humpity hump.
He starts puppy school tonight so he can learn how to be a good boy.

He's cute, but I'm the boss/Mom!

TxGoodie said...

My daughter is looking into puppy school or maybe a trainer. When Cody went through Pet Mart's class it was cheap, cheap, they want $99 clams. 'Course Cody's 12 and 1/2 years old too so I guess that's not so bad. For years people said Cody was a dropout and need to go and get his dog equivalent of a GED, but I think he's pretty's *ME* that needed the training! I use one of those nasty looking pronged collars for him and he does well. It keeps me from being drug down the street on the end of the leash and him from doing the dragging. It doesn't hurt him either, but it sure gets his attention.

Lainey said...

That's why I got a small dog!
I can do the dragging..just kidding! The trainer said, 'no dragging'.
It's different with big strong dogs. A little pronged encouragement won't hurt! :-)

I'm shelling out 70.00 bucks for six weeks of training. It better work!