Sunday, February 05, 2006

Police Weapons: Gun, Taser, Gluegun!

Tagging Devices To Aid In Car Chases

Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Sunday February 05, @08:25AM
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kthejoker writes "ABC News is reporting that a company called StarChase has invented a device that will allow police teams to 'tag' cars involved in dangerous chases. The device is the size of a golf ball, can be launched via an air-powered shooter attached to police vehicles, and uses a "highly efficient" glue to stick to cars. From there, it transmits its GPS position to a central monitoring station."

The above is from It seems like a good idea and one that might be of help in our area, but like all the other law enforcement methods of control, it's not the end all nor the be all. It's one way that may or may not be of help in a particular situation. The infamous police chase of a few weeks ago, where the nut ran amuck in the BMW would not of been helped by such a device if the police couldn't even catch up to the idiot with the lead foot! It wouldn't of been any help with the now dead loser who kidnapped the woman and her young child, because he was a clear and present danger that had to be neutralized. They didn't have the luxury of letting him land somewhere before they swooped down on him.

As I see it, new technology is fine and dandy, but most of us citizens don't seem to realize that we have to give our trust to those trained to handle every situation and then just let them do their jobs. We also need to understand that they can't be trained for every situation because that's too dangerous for all concerned. And, let's face it, some of these losers seem to stay up nights dreaming up new and improved methods of being dangers to society.

In my opinion, we need to let the police do their jobs and quit second guessing them and Monday morning quarterbacking the hell out of their job performance. The press is out for blood any time a badge is displayed. The attorneys are in it for the money to be made in lawsuits. The families of these A-holes are in it for their chance to not only be on TV, but to sweeten up the deal when the lawyers track them down to convince them of how wronged they've been and how much $M$O$N$E$Y$ they could score.

Lord, you don't want to get me started on this me on this one! Let me just say that these are just my thoughts on the subject and, as ever, my heart is with the officers and deputies that are out there day and night picking up trash so the rest of us can sit around and bitch about sh*t we can only imagine. Be safe out there all you badge wearing ladies and gentlemen and do whatever you have to in order to go home in one piece when your shift ends.


Rorschach said...

My two cents for what it is worth: If a cop turns on the bubblegum machine and you jackrabbit, you've just pled guilty to serial murder and signed your own death warrant as far as I'm concerned. You have given up the right to breathe my air. Instead of a GPS dart, the cop should be authorized to use a TOW missile or a MA-Deuce and blow your mangy ass away if he feels the need. If that is not safe for bystanders or hostages, pitting/ramming should be in his arsenal too. AND IT SHOULD BE HIS CALL AND THE SUPERVISORS SHOULD BACK HIS ASS UP instead of hemming and hawing and worrying about whether the slimeball's "rights" were violated. The way I look at it, it is better if the slimeball does not survive, it is cheaper for the taxpayer.

Lainey said...

My sentiments, exactly!!

Ditto, rorschach!

Wonder how some of those local news media types would feel if it were them or their loved one being terrorized by some loser, lawbreaking a**h***!