Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Wheels Came Off

The wheels came off the bus we call Astros and I don't understand why. What is the intangible something we lacked? Or, like the song said, what did we have a great big lack of? We left 15 on base...that means we had to be doing SOMETHING right to get them on base. Again we only lost by 2 runs...that's easily not the worst score possible. Our pitching didn't suck that much. True our manager went nuts and showed some emotion and not in a positive way, but I'll go to my grave saying he got us this other manager in the history of the team got us to the Series. It couldn't of been because we didn't deserve it, so I guess it was simply because we didn't earn it.

AND, God knows, the MLB was against us. The media networks were against us. The decision to close OUR roof was deeply implanted into the brains of each and every player and that worked against us.

My best friend was there and she pointed out something that no one else has..... the seats that usually are filled by the ordinary fans, the ones that hoot and hollar for the team, were being filled by the bosses and executives and others that were there to observe the victory and history. They might of held up a few signs with their lily white paws, but they weren't about to get loud. That's not to say that the fans let the team down though. If anything it's the other way around. And yet we got to the World Series, and that's an accomplishment in its own right.

Let's win one. Just one. If the Boston Red Soxs could start with one win last year, then why can't we?

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