Monday, October 24, 2005


They are all talking about Brad Lidge and the effects the grand slams could have on his psyche. Hey, what about the fan's psyche? Why is it that any kind of defeat makes us feel like we did in past baseball and football and basketball loss years? I got a news flash for 'em too....there IS crying in baseball! It's darn hard for a fan to stay positive and optimistic. It's easier to point fingers and whine that this or that should of been done and that player should or shouldn't of been employed. All of the sudden the bright light of hope dims to bring out the Dark Side of human nature.

Well, I'm so not going to dwell on the what could of beens in Chicago. It's in the books now...nothing any fan vomits out on the blogs can change that. Moving on. Coming home. Turn the page, keep writing, it's not over until The End of the story.....

--------- Change of Pace........

This is a waaaay cool link! It's Minute Maid Park as viewed by God, probably..... check it out!

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