Friday, October 14, 2005

Fun With Ball Talk

I've been having fun "talking" Astros baseball on Chip Bailey's FanBlog. I wonder if he's any kin to my Baileys?

I've developed a system for watching the game. I don't. I listen to Alan & Milo and TiVo the game ... then when we win I watch it! I can't stand listening to the "baseball experts" that are on FOX so I don't, at least not while my heart is racing and my palms are all sweaty. Last night it was as if the Cardinals were playing a game of MASTURBATION BASEBALL ... that's where only one team plays and the commentators watch. Now I know that's not a very nice thing for a little old lady to say, but it sure expresses how I feel about Curly, Moe and Larry aka Thom Brennaman, Bob Brenly and Steve Lyons.

As an old time Astros/Colt45's fan I'm going out on the limb and says "win or lose I'll love them" ... no one can keep those thoughts of past should-of-beens at bay, but THIS time I think they'll do it. THIS TIME is OUR TIME. Broken baseball hearts can and do mend and you live to love all over again. Life is good that way.

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