Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Jersey Gets To Go To The Show!

My good friend, Laurie, borrowed one of my Astros jerseys and she's wearing it to Game 5. I'm so happy for my shirt. It's not the first time my clothes have had more fun without me in them! And I guess it won't be the last time. Go Jersey! Beat the SOX!

Speaking of which, I HAD to wear socks yesterday and I wore BLACK SOCKS on purpose. Ha! Take that, Chicago!

There's a piece in the paper today about a "fan" in Chicago slapping Mrs. Biggio. That's pretty chickenshit. If I was in charge I'd outlaw beer sales, but that'll never happen because a lot of folks just go to sporting events to have an excuse to get wasted. Losers. Then this genius, the Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, suggests that if it happens again the perp should be taken to the dugout to let the player deal with it. GEEZUS, the idiots will beat those poor women to death for a chance to get into the dugout! Again, if I was in charge, I'd arm the families of the ballplayers in a NY minute!

Speaking of NY....whoa, it seems they aren't interested in watching the Series since none of their high dollar jocks are in it. Boo me a who! Like I was interested in seeing them or any of the rest of the media darlings that go year after boring year. So to liven up things, the powers that be are convinced that the Sox are going to win the whole show. I don't think so. One thing is crystal clear, if they can come to our house and beat us, then we don't deserve to win, but could we have some honest officiating for a change and a level playing field? Just give us a break and we'll give you back some entertaining wins!

Go Astros! Do it for Roger's momma and my daddy and, dadgumit, me too!

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