Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Love The Astros!

I got to see the Astros play their last two regular season games yesterday and today. Today they clinched the NL Wild Card Championship by beating the Chicago Cubs 6-4. It was great and so exciting and extremely loud at Minute Maid Park. All the fans really got into the game too. Well most of them....there are always those that just sit there like they are catatonic and I always wonder why they even bother to come if they aren't going to cheer and applaud.

The Astros, 15-30 after a loss to the Cubs on May 24, became the first team since the 1914 Boston Braves to make the playoffs after being as many as 15 games under .500.

After the game we heard that the Astros have extended Craig Biggio's contract another year. Yea! He was awesome this year.... he gets better with age .... just like Roger Clemens!

The picture is of the Cubs manager, Dusty Baker, hugging Jose Cruz when they brought out the line-up cards before the game started. I thought it was sweet.... I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before a game. I hope they hugged after the game too!

Go 'Stros! Beat the Braves!!

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