Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How About Those Astros!

After having my baseball heart broken so many times.... over and over again.... year after year.... and the knowledge that all of those teams were great teams and we deserved to win..... to finally see the dream come through, come true, gives me indescribable joy. I was born and raised on baseball as were my brothers. We were taught that you never, ever criticize your team and that you didn't even boo the other team. The love was instilled for the game and the athletic abilities it takes to play the game. I can applaud a great catch or an outstanding pitching performance no matter which team accomplished it. A fine play is a fine play no matter the color of the uniform. But these Houston Astros are in a class by themselves! It's about damn time too! Not just for the guys to prevail, but for the whole world to know how great they are. I’m so proud of them and so happy for them too! Go Astros! Bring home the 2005 World Series Pennant!

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