Saturday, October 22, 2005

Baseball On The Brain

My old brain is just spinning in anticipation of The Game. I’ve read and watched everything I can if for no other reason than to try and get a handle on the White Sox. I know nothing about the current team….just the scandalized one. Obviously they are a talent bunch….one would think they are the best the American League has to offer since they are wearing their league’s crown. Mostly I’ve read about how Chicago treats them like bastard stepchildren…or at least HALF of Chicago reportedly does. How weird is that? When I think of the cities that would LOVE to have a ball club of their very own, it boggles the mind to wonder why everyone wouldn’t embrace one of their own.

We’re going to win this thing. I can feel it. I went to MLB.COM and bought lots of goodies….T-shirts and bumper stickers and the like, but I held back from going completely hog wild in anticipation of buying stuff AFTERWARDS to commemorate winning the 2005 World Series. Even if we don’t win it all, it’s so great just to BE there. I wish my daddy could have lived to see this day. No, that’s not right…. I wish my daddy could have lived so I could see him see this day. He’s watching….him and Roger’s mom and all the other moms and dads that have gone home. And just think, UP THERE they don't have to jockey for good seats and SRO is on a cloud! I get a lot of comfort thinking stuff like that too.

Go Astros! All the way to Chicago and back and bring it on home to the new dome! You earned it, we deserve it!

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