Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tag A Texan!

I was tagged by Attila The Mom and it didn't hurt a bit.

The rules are simple:

1. Go write 6 weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!
2. Then leave a comment that says “You are tagged” in their comments telling them to read your blog. ENJOY!

Never let it be said that I can't play nice with others!

Anyway, here's my list:

1. I was born on April Fool's Day and my parents named me "Edith Ann". As a result, I should of had years of therapy, but back then you just had to suffer in silence. Lily Tomlin has made it her life's work to make my life a stand-up routine or a living hell depending on how my hormones are ebbing and flowing!

2. I will NEVER ever drink buttermilk because I don't like what it does to a glass. Nas-tee! I like it just fine in biscuits and pancakes, etc.

3. I've been driving 47 years and only had two citations (one for running a stop sign and one for an expired inspection sticker). I got pulled over once for speeding and got my butt chewed, but then he let me go with severe admonishments. I drive the reddest car that Pontiac makes too!

4. I can send out messages mentally to my kids and my best friends and they actually "get" them and usually will call me and say "WHAT!?"...

5. I need the humidity in Houston in order to survive. I nearly dry up and blow away within one week of being in Las Vegas.

6. I don't mind being tagged, but I won't resend "stuff" I get in e-mail to people even if it means monkeys will fly out of my butt or my left breast will implode. I think it has something to do with my "oh, yeah, make me!" gene.

I'm going to pick on tag 1. Rorschach at Red Ink: Texas, 2. Lainey at Grapevine Connection (I hope she's not too busy or bummed!), 3. Jason at Cigars...Donuts...and Coffee (I hope he doesn't read my #3 and send his buds after me!), 4. RickO the Houston Guy (I hope he's not climbing a mountain at the moment), 5. Kristie the Suburban Goddess (We've never "met", but I love her take on Q-tips and the disposal thereof!) and last, but never least, 6. A feller named Head who hangs in his own Bunker and has a lot of John Wayne qualitites about him.


Attila The Mom said...

These are hysterical!

I SO get the "not resending crap" thing, but I was afraid if I ignored it, a house would fall on me or something.

Thanks so much for taking me off the hook and participating.

Head said...

Well, here ya go. Six things:

I like a honey foldover sandwich at 4:00am occasionally

I once wrote and elementary school spelling test in magnificently beautiful "cave-man type". I received an 'F' even though I got all the answers correct. Ditto on the 10 question quiz with a pretty good arabian horse in full 3D and eloquently shaded, carefully drawn on the bottom half of the page.

Some time before I was eight years old, I ate some spinach for dinner. Feeling rather Popeye-ish, I decided that if he could do it, so could I. I walked outside and balled my fist and punched the street as hard as I could, confidently expecting to slam a hole through the concrete. Of course it didn't work. I never trusted another thing I saw on TV. Ever.

I have a very strong hatred for lima beans. Don't even joke about them in my food.

I have assisted in a field amputation on a 45 degree slope at midnight near Bandera, Texas.

I have been bitten by water moccasins, sharks, a monkey, an alligator and a muskrat; stung by a stingray, sprayed by a skunk, gotten a fever from an armadillo scratch, had a Potuguese man-o-war wrap around my arm, been pooed on by a great blue heron, inhaled poison ivy fumes from a brush fire, and exploded a boiling radiator on my face and torso. I'd prefer them all again over seeing my childhood dentist.

I'll tag some folks soon...

Lainey said...

Hey E.A. ( My mom's name was Edith)
Actually, this is a good time. I need the diversion! So, here goes:

1. All my towels and washcloths are taupe and sage green, to match my bathroom. I like them all folded exactly the same direction and stacked by color. I fold them while they are warm out of the dry so they don't wrinkle.

2. I love to drive fast. I speed constantly, but have never had a ticket. I have even had cops pass me up when I am over the limit.

3.I will not ever leave the house with out my make up and jewelry on. I'm always co-ordinated and matched, but I will wear a baseball cap when I'm out running errands. I has to match my outfit, too!

4. I absolutely hate Pepsi & Dr. Pepper. It's gotta be Diet coke or nothing!

5. I never use an alarm clock. If I do set the alarm, I automatically wake up before it sounds.

6. I too have ESP. I can 'think' of someone and they will call me, even if it has been a while since I have heard from them. This happens a lot with my clients.

Lainey said...

I have to make a correction to my 6 weird facts list!

I just remembered that I HAVE had a speeding ticket. I guess that means I have to come up with another weird thing before I tag others. Let me think on it for a few hours, I'm sure I can come up with something!

LOL! :-)

Lainey said...

Good morning1
I'm still working on my weird list. Just haven't had time to get to the computer and get it posted. I'll finish it after work this evening.

Kristie said...

Thanks for the tag! Six things about me....

1. I wear stripper shoes, but I am not and NEVER HAVE BEEN a stripper. I just love platforms, even though I'm already 5'11". I usually top out somewhere around 6'3" with the shoes. I figure if I'm going to be freak of nature, I'm going all out.

2. I twirled a flag in the 1992 Florida Citrus Bowl Halftime show in a shiny wizard costume. Harry Potter would be proud.

3. I used to date a guy whose grandmother had a six-foot alligator named Mike. She's feed it chicken twice a week. One day, my new puppy disappeared. A few days later, two more dogs disappeared. A few days after that, his nephew was playing next to the pond with another dog when Mikey decided to grab a snack. Luckily, he got the dog and not the kid. I've hated alligators ever since.

4. In 2002, I was the "Fastest Woman In Louisiana." No, not a reference to stripper shoes. I was the Trans-Louisiana Autocross Women's Champion. Okay, so it's not the Indianapolis 500, but according to the SCCA, it's racing! I won in a Miata. Despite upgrading to some very impressive cars, I've never been able to win again since.

5. My other career choices in high school were 1) genetic scientist or 2) lawyer. I chose to be a graphic artist instead. I'd love to go back to high school and beat my guidance counselor with a baseball bat.

6. On my first day all by myself as the youngest manager in the history of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, I had a kid lock all the bathroom stalls, so I had to climb on the filty floor and unlock all of them. I also had a gas leak, which brought the fire department. And to finish off the day, a fat man had a heart attack during the lunch rush. More sirens. That same day was the first time I received flowers from what is now my husband, and I quit that job shortly thereafter.

TxGoodie said...

Those are wonderful, Kristie and Lainey! Thanks for playing! Funny how reading someone else's makes one want to go back and improve their own...haha.... or maybe it just triggers other memories of your own past adventures you'd forgotten...

Lainey said...

Check out my blog for my revised list.
Thanks for tagging me. It was fun!