Friday, April 21, 2006

Firefox fanatics making money by punishing users

Ed Bott's Windows Expertise » Firefox fanatics decide to make money by punishing users

I'm a big fan of Firefox (and Thunderbird for e-mail) and I find this article distressing and hope that these are isolated incidents and not a glimpse into Firefox's future. The whole reason for using Firefox over IE was for safety and the fact that it wasn't obnoxious like Internet Explorer!

And speaking of obnoxious, the popup ads that can be closed almost immediately, but can't be blocked entirely, that are showing up when one goes to KHOU's online news service and several others is crap. I make it a point to NEVER buy or support anything that is shoved down my throat, so to speak, and all forms of spam are at the top of the food chain when it comes to sleaze.

My ignoring the obnoxious won't have any impact at all when one considers those that will buy and do click on e-mailed crap. These are the same zipperheads (thanks, Don E, for the perfect phrase!) that buy from door-to-door and telebothers.

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Anonymous said...

Firefox is a "free" product so you take the good with the bad. I refuse to buy from such programs too but this is the case for most people. When advertisers figure that out (many have already), the revenue source will dry up and the practice with wither away.