Saturday, February 02, 2008

What The News Doesn't Tell You

I get annoyed when I read the comments posted online at the Houston Chronicle because most of them are jerks and assholes. They are always quick to slam law enforcement and too stupid to know that just because the story is in the Chronicle doesn't make it Gospel. They read only one slanted side of every story and base their condemnations of that slanted view. They paint everyone with the same color brush. Right now they are anti-Grand Juries and anyone NOT indicted is, in their views, guilty anyway and just being protected by the 'good ole boy' system. Seems to me that most of the time those guilty are "guilty" of being white males.

Makes my blood pressure rise.

Which is not of itself a bad thing seeing as how since I've lost weight I have the blood pressure of a stone. Yea, me!

I find this little item to be of interest and certainly haven't seen it in the Chronicle....

Spears' Latest Trip To Hospital Cost LAPD $25,000

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