Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm Baaacccckkkkk!

My router got sick or so I thought. Come to find out it was probably okay, but I bought a new, faster one so what the heck. What went South was my Earthlink DSL connection. I don't know why. THEY didn't know why either. They kept me on hold the LAST time I was ever on hold for Earthlink for THREE HOURS and FIFTEEN minutes. The man said he was going to check on my line. I figured he'd gone to lunch. After a couple of hours I thought maybe he was coming out to the house to check on the line!! Then I got mad. And I plotted my revenge.

The last thing I like is CHANGE. I HATE change. Even GOOD change makes for an adjustment and adjustments are not something I handle well. Although I CAN handle some change if I'm the one that instigates it. So I went shopping for a new ISP. Guess what? If you can't get online you can't shop for shit! (Pardon my language!)

So thanks to my pal "Paul" I was supplied with a list of possibilities via the DSLREPORTS.COM list for my area. I chose Oplink. So far I'm liking it a lot! Thanks so much to Richard for setting up my router so I can use my laptop online again! Yea! The worst part was having to get an AT&T phone line. I've been using Sage Telecom for several years now and really liked them, but you do what you gotta do.

The 2nd worse part is losing my genealogy pages via Earthlink. I may or may not set them up somewhere else. I'll announce if I do bring it all back online.

The 3rd worse part was having to get a new email address. I'm in the process of sending that out to family and friends. On the one hand I'll cut out some of the junk mail, but I don't want to miss any of the "good stuff" from folks that I don't hear from regularly. Sigh. See we're back to that whole CHANGE thing! Ack!

Well it's good to be back online. I feel free again!

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