Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Do They Jack With Tradition?

This is not a world shaking issue. It's probably more a personal observation, but if this blog isn't for me to vent then what good is it? (Don't answer that! It was rhetorical, honest!)

Anyway this one is about the folks that are empowered to sing the National Anthem at such events as the Astro's ballgames at Minute Maid Park. I've been privileged to see a LOT of games over the years (thanks, Paula and Larry!) and it's gotten worse. I don't like the Anthem f*cked with! Sing it like it's supposed to be sung, don't go throw in all that jazzy, saloon style ebbs and flows. It's not hip-hop, it's not rap, it's not rock! I don't know squat about music or singing, but like art, I sure as hell know what I like and some of "them" make me cringe with their vocal embroidery!

I'd rather Papa Drayton played a CD or something rather than to turn some of these folks loose on the unsuspecting patriotic traditionalist like me. There was one a few weeks back that made me beg for Roseanne Barr's rendition over her own and that's just wrong! I got it when Roseanne did her WAS funny and she got slammed because that's not the time nor the place to be funny. I got that too.

I also get it that these folks take the opportunity to heart..this is their moment, this is their chance to show off their artistic ability.....fine and it at home! Do it in the shower like the rest of us! Do it on a CD and see if anyone buys it! Don't do it where we are forced to stand at attention, hands over hearts, hats in hands, trapped and at the mercy of any yoyo that decides to "improve" the National Anthem of the greatest country on Earth.

'Nuff said.

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Oh Say, Can't You Sing: Celebs Who Tortured the National Anthem


Anonymous said...

Some may do it for personal glory and others have been quoted for trying to expand the audience as a lot of people think it is a tired old song (probably carpetbaggers from Michigan). If you don't like it though, write the Chronicle and Drayton himself.

Lainey said...

Well said, TX!

BTW, The Celebration Choir from Spring Batist Church will be doing the honors on Monday night, Aug 6th.
Yours truly will be singing with about 100+ of my Baptist buddies.

We do it right!