Friday, July 27, 2007

Houston Astros: Assorted Observations

It's been tough watching "the boys" this year. They have certainly NOT lived up to their potential. There have been glimpses of what could of been and the entire BGO phenom brought tears to my tired old eyes more than once. In that once grand baseball land of old he would of been just as bright a star back then as he is today.....not just in Houston, but anywhere there are fans of the game. Fans that applaud not just the un-drug use, but his sheer talent, grit and determination. Craig Biggio makes "Charlie Hustle" look like he was asleep on the basepads! Rose was a slacker compared to Craigy!

Perhaps one of the most distressing pages written in the Astros book of 2007 will feature my own personal fav Lance Berkman. I firmly believe that the old Lance is still in there and he's just having an off year. I think it's some kind of Sophomore jinx thingee. Even though he's been an Astros since 1999, he signed that big contract and I think that put the skids of him for some reason. This too shall pass. He has more strength in his Big Toe than anyone else on the team outside of Senor Lee.

NOW what I really wanted to talk about!

Sex appeal! Buns! Babes! Even HAIR!

The Houston Astros are the best lookin' bunch of males assembled in one dugout on the planet. Hands down. Bar none. Hubba-hubba!

Lance is adorable! Pence is just like a big lovable puppy! He's all arms and legs in the teenage stage, but he's got that same Craig/Rose spark of talent and he knows how to play The Game. He's a student of the sport as well and you can see him studying Biggio and learning every day. And not just Biggio, he's open to any ways to improve his game. Lord I hope he isn't traded off or lost to free agency. He can easily be the cornerstone of the Astros future. I'm going to take the high road and only allude to the length of his arms, legs, fingers, nose and the ultimate speculation of whether or not the unseen parts of him are as impressive! What a catch for some lucky coed!

But I digress. This is about buns! Craig's got a good set in his own right. So what he's over 40, he's still got IT. I love the way his face lights up when he smiles too.

Then there's Luke Scott's hair! Absolutely gorgeous! I sure hope male pattern baldness doesn't run in his family because he just wouldn't be the same without ALL that beautiful hair!

Brad Ausmus is another cutie! Plus he's funny and smart. That's an almost lethal combo! His smile is devastating!

Adam Everett is soooo adorable! I think every female with a pulse wanted to kiss it and make it all better when Lee plunked his great arse down on Adam's leg bone and snapped it like a twig! It was a sight I hope never to see again!

Roy O - great butt! Carlos Lee - nice smile, beautiful completion, really well built! Brade Lidge - also a nice tight one and poise under extreme pressure makes him sexy as hell! I just wish he'd quit growing weird hair clusters on his face! Chris Sampson - one of the best lookin' pitchers on the mound on any team! And just as nice as he is talented! The list goes on, but my back grows weary from sitting here slumped over the keyboard. Much less the constant drool is endangering that same keyboard!

Bottom line - love 'em! Love their bottoms! Love their muscles! Love their smiles! Love to see them showing off their God given talents! Love knowing they ARE The Good Guys. They are all God fearing, flag waving, morally fit and mentally sound and C U T E to boot!

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