Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Our Garage Sale

We had our annual garage sale this past weekend and did okay. I took some pictures so that next year I can look and see where we put the tables and such. Every time it seems as if we have to plot and plan to make it all work. We actually get compliments on how organized our sales are. One lady said she just hates going to them and having to go through boxes and bend over a lot because they don't put the stuff on tables. The tables pictured are mine, Paula's and my oldest daughter's.

We are lucky enough to know someone who has the tent and lets us borrow it every year. Usually he has something in the sale too, but this year he didn't. Another friend brought it over and put it up for us - that's true friendship! Thanks, Dwayne for the use of the tent and Mark and Larry for all their help and muscles! Thanks Paula and Elaine and Laura for working hard and especially Mike for redoing the signs after the rain washed them all away!

I'm always glad when its over for another year too. I guess I should also thank all my neighbors for the blocked driveways and mailboxes and people trampling through their yards. I swear I've never seen as many people coming up my driveway as I did Saturday. The whole sale made over a grand and the highest priced item was 25 bucks. Saturday is always half price day and that's when we get the real bargain hunters. As far as we could tell only two items were stolen this time. It takes a special kind of jerk to steal from a garage sale! I took five or six boxes to Goodwill and now my garage is so clean and neat as a pin. I love that part as much as making the money!

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Attila The Mom said...

Oh gak.!! I spent the weekend cleaning out the basement (hardly made a dent) and started contemplating a garage sale.

You almost make it look easy! LOL