Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Friend Jim In Washington, DC

My friend Jim is in Washington, DC this week for National Police Week and the solemn events honoring our fallen heroes at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. He gave me permission to blog these photos.

President Bush's motorcade arrives. Impressive.

Jim is a Harris County Deputy Sheriff and a big shot with the FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE HARRIS COUNTY LODGE #39 and he won't like me saying that he's a "big shot", but he is because they don't let just anyone go to DC and hang with the Prez!

There are 17,917 names now listed on the NLEOM's wall. 1326 were from Texas. 33 of those were Harris County Sheriff's Deputies. May they rest in peace and never be forgotten.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Harris County Sheriff's Office Memorials

Concerns Of Police Survivors, Inc.

Greater Houston Concerns Of Police Survivors

The 100 Club, Houston Texas

Hurry home, Jim and thanks for the photos and your service. Take safe...

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