Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My WLS Surgeon Is Retiring! Yikes!

I was so lucky to have found one of the best, but alas he has taken down his shingle and no longer doing ANY surgery. I was stunned when I heard that news. I'm not sure why he closing his practice, but I heard he had some hand surgery back in January and I'm thinking maybe it didn't go as well as he'd like, but that's just conjecture on my part certainly not confirmable information.

The part where I might need him for further procedures is not my concern. I'm thrilled with my total lack of complications of any sort and convinced that he helped me to save my life.

The sad part is that when someone asks me who did it and how to reach them I can't refer! It's my limited experience that the visible success of this life altering surgery makes some morbidly obese people want to copy the results.

My daughter's success opened my eyes to the possibilities and hers was the first surgeon I asked about my desired to go under the knife. I never talked to him in person or had any testing done for him....I was "interviewed" by his nurse and the word came down that he'd only do the Lapband on me given my medical history, etc. I was going with that plan until my cardiologist discouraged me from the Lapband procedure and then recommended Dr. Wongsa.

My daughter's surgeon was Carlos A. Ferrari M.D. and I've heard that another good one is Dr. Matthew St. Laurent. (It probably doesn't hurt a bit to note that he's a hottie! Check out his photo!) I can't stress the importance of having a surgeon that knows what he's doing! There are horror stories of surgery complications and even though every surgery has risk, it's smart to investigate before you leap right up on the table!

6 months out of surgery and I'd do it again today. THAT'S how good I feel. God bless my surgeon and all who helped make my story a successful one.

And for the record: the only thing I miss is pizza. And I hear I'll be able to eat that again someday, just not as much as I used to! That's a good thing 'cause I could really pack it away!

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