Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some Links Of Interest.....To ME Anyway

I've the worst for finding cool links and sending them in e-mail to my kids mostly. Sometimes they tell me they got some use out of them. There is sooooo much STUFF online that it is impossible to see/find it all. I read a lot of "link lists" and these are some of the ones I found worthwhile...

1. Wake Up Feeling Great With These 22 Tips for High Self-Esteem
I need to study this one. I tend to bounce between good self-esteem and feeling lower than a worm's behind about myself. One of my good friends can pull me down faster than anything and yet remains clueless to his comments effects. He thinks he's very supportive and that I've got interpretation problems. I will give him credit for making my skin a tad tougher over the years, but from time to time I have to take a vacation from both his positive and his negative retorts.

2. Gmail - A Google approach to email
This is without a doubt the BEST free e-mail provider online. You get tons of storage space or, like me, you can forward your mail to your own program and not even have to go to the site to check for new messages. Now I'll admit I rarely use this e-mail address, but ever so often one wants to get and give e-mail on the QT and this is great for that too! Until now one had to be invited to Gmail, now it's open for everyone. Yea!

On a similar note, the best throw-away e-mail idea comes from Bloglines. You can set up unlimited amounts of e-mail addresses using any name you like and when you are through with them you just unsubscribe to them and they are gone. Perfect for those times when you are supposed to get out your e-mail address to get free offers, etc., but you don't want to be hounded for the rest of your days at one of your "real" addresses. NOW if they'd just come up with a bogus physical address generator I'd be a happy form filler!

3. 8 steps you should take if your identity is stolen
They say that this is the fastest growing crime on the planet. May anyone that profits from such an endeavor suffered bloody boils on his or her privates!

4. Protecting Yourself Against Online Identity Theft
Maybe I should put this how-not-to before the good-god-it-happened-to-me post. It's all good.

5. 4 Homemade Febreeze Recipes
This is pretty cool for the DIYers and anyone wanting to save some scratch!

6. The 20 Minute Guide to PC Security
I worry everyday about the e-mail I get from my some of my friends that are well meaning and sweet, but totally clueless about the dangers that e-mail can bring into your CPU. All I can do is hope their anti-virus programs are updated daily and make double damned sure mine are too!

7. 10 things you should never buy used
I thought this was an interesting read. I thought of a bunch of silly suggestions like condoms, tampons, toothbrushes, rectal thermometer, dental bridge, temporary crowns, glass eyes, etc. Then I added makeup and mascara knowing full well that me and the girls sell TONS of that every time we have a garage sale! Go fig.

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