Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aspirin A Day For Women

Aspirin a day might help women fight heart risk | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "Nearly all U.S. women are in danger of heart disease or stroke and should be more aggressive about lowering their risk — including asking their doctors about daily aspirin use, the American Heart Association said Monday in new guidelines.

It is the first time guidelines have urged all women to consider aspirin for preventing strokes, although specialists warn that it can cause ulcers and dangerous bleeding. They said it is probably not a good idea for young women with no big health problems."

All a woman has to do is take one 81 mg Ecotrin a day and get on with their life. I saw my cardiologist just yesterday and he told me to get back on my one-a-day routine. I also use a doctor prescribed hormone patch and just love it. It's easy, effective and relatively safe so long as you check your boobies yourself and get a Mammygrammy every year.

The most difficult part about being more healthy to me is the exercise part. It's recommended 20 minutes a day, more if trying to lose weight. I'll go at it hot and heavy for awhile and then something will come along to break the pattern and I slide back into my slovenly ways. Sigh. I need to jump start myself on that issue.

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