Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is This Any Way To Run An Airline?

As I mentioned in my post If This Is February, It Must Be Vegas, it's not uncommon for planes to have to circle and/or taxi before allowing passengers to de-plane. But this one takes the cake and the frosting on top!

Seems a JetBlue Airways (who I've never heard of) airplane up Nawth held passengers prisoner on one of their birds for NINE HOURS! This is what one of the passenger prisoners had to say about the experience:

"You gotta realize the frustration - you can look out the window and you can see, there's the gate, and if you let us off the plane, we can walk there,'' said Farrell, 48, of Brooklyn.

Onboard the planes, snack foods wore out their welcome, bathrooms became unpleasant and cabins sweltered, passengers said.

"They had to open the door every 20 minutes just so we could get air,'' said Sean Corrinet, 29, who was on a flight bound for Cancun, Mexico. It was delayed for at least eight hours, Baldwin said.

I'm thinking that maybe JetBlue would want to change their name to JetPhew! Or JetEuuu! Or JetBooHooLookOutForTheLawsuits!

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