Monday, September 26, 2005

NOW I'm Feeling Kinda Guilty!

Thanks to the deities that Rita took pity on Houston/Harris County and was a No Show. Thanks even more that my casa was spared the agony of losing electricity! I've had satellite throughout, my DSL worked flawlessly and my phone service was never interrupted. My only complaint is that I missed all the new shows on NBC, CBS and ABC due to local broadcasting of the traffic horrors. I couldn't even sign up for the Chronicle's Blogger Reports because I had nothing to report!

SO now I feel kinda guilty. Like survivors of plane crashes do only on a minuscule level. My brother in Hemphill has no electricity and no phone and is probably running out of cold beer and it was expected that they were far enough away for the storm not to be a problem! He had folks evacuate to his place to be safe!

I felt so bad that when the neighbor next door ran an extension cord across the street to the neighbor directly across from him, I did the same with the one across from me. The trucks on in my Hood today and everyone will be cool and comfortable tonight. Good deal!

If there was some way to run my extension cord to Hemphill, I would! But knowing my bro tho he has scored a generator and at least has a fan running.

It goes without saying, but I've never been one to not state the obvious ..... it's the little pleasures in life we take for granted until we lose them. Like being able to bitch about the price of gasoline while we are pumping it into our over priced gas guzzlers. Or griping about the crap on TV as we waddle to the fridge to pop another brewski. Or being able to walk though the house instead of wadding through the flood waters. The best plan is that man (and that included woMAN) is an adaptable creature. God sure knew what She was doing, huh!

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